Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 19 - Q&A

1.  What have you learned about yourself that has surprised you, since becoming a missionary?
Umm, everyone tells me that I have a ton of potential. And that if I just continue to be obedient and do the things I'm supposed to, that potential will grow. And so I guess I've never thought of our true potential as children of God. 

2. How many missionary tags do you have?  Are they different?  How often do they get lost?
We have two, one clip one, that we usually wear with our white shirts. Then a magnet, that we wear with pretty much everything that won't fit the clip. And you can replace them anytime, just for a small fee. And it's fairly common... Not too often though. It's the one thing we NEED to have every morning, so it doesn't usually get lost ;)

3. Did you have an opportunity to do any service this week?
Yes, on New Years actually. We went and helped a family move that morning :) that's all though!

4. Who had the most positive influence on you this week and why?
I think President and Sister Ahlander. They have been so helpful for helping me deal with the things that have been going on lately. And they are very very supportive. :)

5. Tell us one thing that might surprise us about missionary life.
Umm, we are actually real people. ;) it seems like so many people don't envision us as normal people. They're like "oh man! It's the missionaries. They're all the same." 

Something that surprised me is how little time we have to exercise. It is hard to exercise here. Haha! We don't walk everywhere here, because we are blessed with cars. And so we really have very little time to exercise. 

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