Monday, January 4, 2016

Daily Notes from Week 19

We had a pretty normal P-Day today! We went shopping, cleaned our apartment, and then went to the church building to hang out and play sports, and email. We had dinner at Bro. Hodson's house! He is a super cool guy! The whole family is awesome! Other than that, nothing really happened today. 

Today was really great! We got to spend the majority of the day finding people on a list that bishop gave us. It was the households unassigned to be home taught list. It was this list that led us to the "S" family, so I was really excited! Nothing really came of it this time, except for a lady saying she wants absolutely nothing to do with the church or home teachers. Haha! But that's okay!! And then we had a lesson with "D.M." tonight as well! He's still doing great! :) 

We had a lesson with "S" today! We talked about Alma 32! There was so many good scriptures Steve really needed to hear. And we also talked about how church is going to be switching times to 1 o' clock! And that will be a lot easier for "S" to come! And we also had a lesson with a new investigator! His name is "J"!  He has heard a few things about our church, and wants to learn a lot more about it. He has studied lots of different religions, and hasn't really found one that he likes too much. It's gonna be awesome! :) We are teaching him again on Saturday! 

Today was super great! We got to spend time weekly planning, which we do every Thursday, but the mission has been trying to change it a little bit, and it was a good change! We also got to go to our bishops house for dinner, and we had this super good Filipino dish called Lumpia! It was super super delicious :) then we came back, because it's New Year's Eve and stuff ;) we came home and played some board games with Elder McBride and Elder Walker, the two other elders in our apartment :) and we also watched the best two years on a little DVD player!

Today was awesome too! We had a non-pros day for the holiday, so today we spent a lot of time relaxing, and we got to watch Tarzan and the Prince of Egypt :) it's weird to watch tv, because it seems like it's been so long since I have! Haha! And we went shopping today at the Summerlin mall! And spent time playing basketball :) basically a P-Day plus movies ;) it was super fun! :)

Today was super good! We taught our new investigator, "J", and committed him to being baptized!!!!!! :D it was so good! There was a cool spirit in the room when we were talking about baptism. It was so cool :) Then we had a zone meeting today, and we are focusing on finding people still. It's been good! It was a good day! 

Today was great! I learned a lot at church. And "D" came! It was so good to see him! And he stayed the whole three hours! :D it's strange having church at 1 PM again though. I like 9 AM church the best ;) but it was still good! We had dinner with the Call's tonight! They are seriously the nicest people ever. They have a super beautiful home in Spanish Trails. And he is 80 and just retired on the 31st of December. Like, three days ago. Haha! He is awesome! Anyway, that's mostly it today! :)


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