Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 18 Q&A

1. How was your first Christmas in the mission field?
First Christmas was great!!! :) it was so good to talk to you guys again. It helped me realize that things are still going okay at home :) and it was just all around a super fun day, because we gathered together as a zone and played some games and stuff. And in the morning we were watching cool videos about Christ's life :) 

2. What do you think you will remember most about this Christmas?
Probably either Skyping home, or hanging out with the whole mission at the Christmas mission conference. The spirit there was really cool.  

3. Have you thought about any New Year Resolutions yet?
I am definitely going to try and be more focused on the work, and not let little things distract me, or let little things frustrate me. Sooooo, I guess being more patient and diligent :)

4. Many people aren't aware that some missions use iPads.  Can you explain what you use your iPad for as it relates to missionary work?
So, we use iPads all the time. We always have them with us, and we can share videos like mormon messages, or bible videos, or anything like that whenever we feel like we should. We have our area book and planner on the iPad's as well. Lots of people here who were here before the mission got iPads said that it is so much nicer to have everything all in one device :)

5. Transfers are only a couple weeks away.  Tell us what happens on a Transfer Day from start to finish.
It's always on a Monday, so it's a P-Day. We spend the majority of the time we usually spend playing basketball or something on cleaning our apartment. Really well :) then at 5 PM we go to the transfer building IF you're being transferred. If not you stay in your area. You have to get a ride with a member of your ward. And then that's mostly it. After the transfer building you move all your bags to your new companion's member's car. If that makes sense... Haha! Then you just go to your new area and go to dinner and finish the night. :) 

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