Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 16 - Q&A

1. Name on instance you saw someone show Christlike attributes this week.
Elder Flood is very very diligent. I've noticed that about him. He is always making sure that he is getting the things done he is supposed to, and he is really obedient. So he's a good example to me for that :) 

2. How has the Christmas Season affected what you're doing? 
We have been trying to use the video "a savior is born" a lot. And it really touches some people. It's really cool! 

3. Do the missionaries get to participate in any Christmas activities, plays, concerts, etc. that might be going on in your area?
There is a missionary Christmas conference, which is a morning side about Christmas, then kind of a party for the missionaries this Wednesday :) other than that, not much, unless you get a member to take you :) 

4. Name one good things that happened to you this week.
I had been feeling really down, and so I had no one else to turn to but to Heavenly Father, and after I realized that, I received strength that wasn't my own. 

5. What are you looking forward to, being in the mission field this Christmas?
The spirit of the missionary aspect of Christmas. I have already noticed it. I was never focused on missionary work during christmas time for some reason, and so I'm excited to focus on it continually this year :) 

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