Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 14 - Q&A

1. It's Transfer week!  Are you getting transferred?? 
I'm switching companions, Elder Duce is the one transferring though. :/ My new companions will be Elder Flood, who came out with me! And also Elder Tilletsen, who is leaving early and going home halfway through this transfer on the 18th of December. And I am the senior companion!  I am very anxious/nervous about that.  :)

2. Tell us one thing that made your Thanksgiving Special this year.   
Thanksgiving was very special for me, mostly because we had so many people who were so willing to help us out with Elder Duce's injury and stuff. It was super cool to see that so many people were so willing to help out. 

3.  What is one thing that you have noticed being more grateful for, that you haven't before? 
Definitely being in the mission I am. To be able to be somewhere where we have all the things we usually take for granted. Such as, having an apartment, and a regular shower, and iPads. I didn't realize how blessed I am :)

4. What have you liked/dislike about being in a Tripanionship?
I have liked it, because it's honestly a lot easier to stay positive, because usually someone is upbeat and happy, and in a duo, when someone is upset, it rubs off on the other person sometimes. And something that is hard is definitely not staying at our place at ALL. We stayed at elder Jones house the whole time, and only went back to ours to get clean clothes. And that was definitely frustrating because half the time I didn't have what I needed :) 

5. What is one moment from this week, that stands out to you the most?
Elder Duce's change from being completely distraught that he might have to go home for surgery, to his optimism he had about the whole situation. Yeah, he's still upset and nervous, but he has been able to find good that would come from going home. And I need to get better at that :) 

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