Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 14 - Email from Elder Holt

Hellooooooo :)

This week was completely insane! It flew by so fast. Being a companion with a zone leader this week showed me how little time they have to be a regular missionary sometimes. And then it was even less time this week because we had their investigators, AND ours! It was nuts :) but it was a ton of fun! Elder Jones is such an awesome guy!
We got our transfer calls a few days ago... I'm going to be a senior companion to two other people (yes, another tri-panionship... Still not sure how I feel about it yet ;) ) but I'm looking forward to it
now! I'm very nervous. I don't feel like I can lead out in this area.  Yet.  :) I'll get there. But I'll be getting Elder Flood, and Elder Tillotson. Elder Tillotson is going home early, and going home on
December 18th. He's been out almost two years, and actually started his mission in the Spanish Hills Ward. :) Then Elder Flood came out with me, but I don't know him at all, so I will get to know him this transfer! Haha! Then Elder Duce is leaving, and going to the South Zone. He will do awesome! :)
This week was a ton of fun though! Because we were in this triple companionship with a zone leader, we were spending a lot of time helping out everyone else in the zone. But we did have a few free hours this week to go teach lessons, and go find new people to teach :) and we were covering three wards. It was seriously a crazy week. But it was lots of fun :)
We had the opportunity to teach 'S' again this week, but we really didn't get to teach anyone else because of the craziness. So this week we are going to try and contact those who we didn't get to talk to last week!
I was so grateful for thanksgiving this year. This week as a zone we studied the Atonement, and so that led to me thinking about how grateful I am for the Atonement. I couldn't be more blessed to be born into this amazing church, and to always have had the knowledge that I can be forgiven of everything I do. There are so many others who won't have that knowledge for a huge part of their life, and that drives me to want to share this amazing message with others :) I'm grateful for
our Savior, Jesus Christ's sacrifice. He has literally lived every moment of our lives. He has already performed the sacrifice for each of us, and it's honestly a little selfish not to use the Atonement.
You're saying that you don't need Christ in order to be forgiven of your sins, when He was literally hanging up on the cross, thinking of you personally, and doing it all for you to be able to not have to carry the guilt, and pain of your sins anymore? That thought makes me take everything about the Atonement more seriously. I love my Savior, and I'm so grateful for what He did for me. The least I can do is give him these two years. The thing He did for me is worth so much more :)
That was my week! I had a good one! :) it was awesome! I'm grateful for all that Elder Duce has helped me with, and taught me. I love this Gospel, and I'm eager to go share it with anybody and everybody. :) This church is so true. In every way. I learned something about our testimonies this week. If we have a solid testimony, then the things that happen to us will bother us a lot less. Like when the church made that announcement a few weeks ago, so many people left the church. And
that would not have happened if they had a completely solid testimony, built on the simple truths of this Gospel. I love you all!!! :) I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Oh, just in case any of you are curious, I spent Thanksgiving at the Hospital with Elder Duce, because of his injury ;) and also we went to one persons house in Elder Jones' ward for dinner. Then we came back to Elder Jones' house and watched Hercules, and Mulan :) That was a great night haha! :)
I'll talk to you all soon! Love you guys! Stay happy! :)

Elder Holt :)

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