Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Q&A Week 17

1. What is one thing you've improved upon personally since this transfer began?
I think I have definitely learned to be more patient. Elder Flood is very different from me, and so it has taken a lot of patience for me to learn to work around those differences. 

2. Name one act of kindness that you witnessed this week?
Definitely "S" (one of our investigators) bringing elder Flood and I Christmas gifts. He doesn't have much money. And so it meant a lot to me that he spent money to get us something :)  

3. How has your impressions of Christmas changed, now that you're a missionary? 
It's very different. I have no snow. It's messed up. Haha! But I love the giving and sharing aspect of Christmas :) it's so much different than Christmas used to be for me, sadly. I wish I used to be more giving :)

4. What have you noticed missing most about Christmas so far this year?
Definitely snow. And family. That's mostly it. There are a lot of houses with Christmas lights so I don't miss the lights too much. :)

5.  If you could share a Christmas message with everyone, what would it be?
Definitely to watch the videos, and then to watch them again. Just feel the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the things it talks about. :) I have learned so much and been strengthened a lot just by feeling that spirit! :) It is great. :)

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