Monday, December 7, 2015

Q&A - Week 15

1.  Will the ward you are serving in, have a Ward Christmas Party? 
Yes, we already had it! It was on Friday, and we went to it! It was so much fun! The entertainment that someone in our ward had come play for us was so much fun! I'll send the video and pics in a separate email! :) 

2. Tell us about an experience that stood out to you this week.
This whole week has been difficult for me. Transfers were difficult. But the thing that has stood out to me most, is that because it's been hard, I've been relying on Heavenly Father more than I have been lately, and I have definitely felt the effects of that. I have been comforted time and time again this week. And I know that's because I changed what I was doing (or not doing very well) and leaning on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more, and I definitely felt them helping me this week. 

3. What has been the hardest thing about transfers this week?
The hardest thing was just having new people to get used to. They are both so different too, And so it's hard to work things out with three people. But it will not be for too long, so we'll be okay! 
And the best thing?
And the best thing has probably been that we have gotten along better than I thought we were going to :)

4. What is something you've noticed being different about 'Christmas time' in Las Vegas, compared to home?
It's not cold here. I don't even have to use my sweater very often and it's December. It's really weird :) and I'm not used to the "big city" of Christmas. Back in Grantsville, there's like 9,000 people. Here there are like 3 million or something :) 

5. Who has influenced you the most this week?
Probably Elder Tillotson, the Elder who is going home on the 18th. He is really awesome, and since he's been out so long, he knows how to help me improve! I wish he was staying longer! :)

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