Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Email from Elder Holt - Week 16

Hello everyone!! :)
This week has been great! This triple companionship has been going well! It's been more and more fun each day! :) we've had our struggles, but things are getting easier as we are getting more used to each other :) Elder Tillotson is leaving this week though, on Thursday. So it will just be Elder Flood and I. :) 
We had a really good week! We taught more lessons this week too! We found a new kid named M!!! He is so awesome! We had a couple lessons with him, and he is just so awesome! He has learned a lot already, and he is very diligent in keeping the commitments we leave with him :) he is going to be great!

We had a lot of fun this week! There was so many cool things that happened to us this week! There are so many people that we run into here that are so excited to see missionaries! I love seeing little kids' faces light up when they see us :)

D is progressing well, and he is awesome as ever! He came to church this week, and it was really awesome! S is doing okay as well! I wish he would be more proactive, and come to church more often, but we'll keep trying.  :)
Something I learned more about this week was Grace. I learned so much about it, and I'm going to continue to study it. I talked with a guy in our ward named Bro. Leavitt, and he taught me a lot about it. He said that Grace literally applies to everything aspect of our daily lives. :) It's so cool! I would suggest all of you go and study it out a little more, because it is really amazing to learn about.  :) It makes you realize how dependent we are on our Heavenly Father. As soon as we realize that, then He can work through us so much easier. 

This week has been a pretty normal week other than that, so I don't have much else to write about. But thanks for all of the examples you all are to me :) 

I love you all!

Elder Holt :)

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