Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Daily Notes - Week 17

We had a super good P-Day today! We got to go shopping at the mall for the better part of the day! It's fun being a little bit of a normal person for a day. ;) We still get weird looks and stuff, but it's kinda cool to be able to just go and do things that regular people do :) then we get back to work! We visited "C" and "D", and Elder Tillotson gave "C" a haircut because he looked like a hippie.  Haha!  :) it was really good! They are doing a lot better. She has been really strong in staying off drugs and stuff, so it's really cool to see them both change!  

We had a really good district meeting today, and it was mostly about goal setting, and planning. It was really eye-opening to me to see how important goals are. We should constantly be living our lives in a state of working towards a greater goal. If we aren't doing that, then what are we focusing on? We should all have a focus on our most important eternal goal: Exaltation. And if we aren't setting little goals each day/week/month or whatever the time period, that is working towards that main goal, then we probably aren't focusing on what we should be. So that's what I learned today :) then we also had another super good lesson with "M"! He is doing awesome! :) And that's pretty much it for today. :)

We had our Christmas conference today! It was really really cool! I really loved realizing some of the things I did today. i learned that the star that shone brightly over Christ when He was born, was placed in trajectory a long time before it actually shone brightly. And so that is like us. We are placed in a plan Heavenly Father has set for us, and we are in the path for a long time before we actually shine bright. :) It's amazing :) And that we all have gifts that Heavenly Father has given us, and we need to strengthen those gifts and exercise them, so we can use them for Christ's purpose. For sharing our light :) 

Well today our tri-panionship ended.. It was sad, but it's also going to be a good change. Elder Flood and I are going to be able to focus more on practicing teaching, and other things a little easier now :) It was sad to see Elder Tillotson leave though. He was an awesome guy, and in the two short weeks I was with him, he taught me a lot. He helped me learn that I have no reason to stress out because i am here doing what my Heavenly Father wants me to be doing right now. And because of that, I can't fail. No matter what. As long as I'm doing the things I'm supposed to be doing. 

Today has been great! The first full day in a regular companionship was really good! We had service at Goodwill today, and it was really good! We also spent time weekly planning, and moving Elder McBride and Elder Walker into the apartment. So our apartment is back to a four man apartment :) It's gonna be good! I'm excited! We also taught the "S" family again! "M" didn't pay very much attention, so that was kinda discouraging. But the dad attention really well during the lesson, and he is actually going to start learning more about the church again. He has "studied" with missionaries before, and didn't fully agree with some things in the Book of Mormon, but he said a lot more things about our church are making sense now. :) So that was really awesome to hear! 

We had such a good day today! We found one guy who was a referral from a member, and he let us in and we have a return appointment with him! His name is "D" and he is super awesome! He has a lot of family in the Philippines who are members, and so he knows a little bit about the church. And we also met with "S" today, and he is seriously progressing well. He just needs to come to church. :) And so that's mostly it for today! But it was super exciting to find someone else who we can teach!!! :D 

We had a pretty nice day. We had our ward Christmas program today, and we listened to some really good talks! It was great :) we also visited the "J" family and they were doing awesome!!! It's been so long since we got the chance to talk to them, and it was so good to see them again! :) They are doing great. Ahhh :) It was so good to see them. :) And that's mostly all that happened today. :)


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