Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily Notes - Week 14

We spent our P-Day today at Bro.'Y's house! Oh man! He has a ginormous house! Goodness gracious! It has four floors, one of which is a full die racquetball court, with a sauna room. And so many other things. It's so nice! :) and so today was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got the opportunity to spend the day there! And we also had a fun day in general! This tri-pan thing is going okay-ish :) it's hard to account for both of our schedules :/ but it's okay! We will get through it! :)

Today we had a great day! We had some awesome contacts with Elder Jones' investigators! It's been fun to be able to be on this tripanionship thing still! We've been able to help out Elder Jones, and he has been really appreciative. We had a busy day today though! I can tell the effect of being a zone leader now. They seriously are so busy all the time. It's kind of nice, but kind of stressful and overwhelming at times too. It's been fun so far though! :) 

I had a good day today! We spent the day finding people on our bishops list of people to visit. But we also taught two lessons, one with "D", and one with "S" :) they were both really good lessons! We talked about the Book of Mormon with "S", and temples, and eternal marriage with "D"! It was really good to be able to teach them again! It seems like we haven't been able to teach them for a while. But I'm excited for tomorrow

Oh, and I also got a call from Pres. Ahlander today, and I'm going to be a senior companion next transfer, which means elder Duce and I will no longer be together :( but I'll find out who I have on Saturday! 

Thanksgiving!!! :) first real holiday on the mission!! It's weird to think I've been out for three months already. But it's good! And we had a super fun day today! We played football from about 8, until 11 :) it was super fun! It got pretty competitive when we played with other missionaries. We played with our ward first, then the missionaries! But elder Duce got injured, and might have to get a surgery :( we spent four hours at the hospital waiting for him. I'm definitely praying for him a lot. Our whole zone is fasting for him tomorrow. We had a great thanksgiving though! It was tons of fun :) 

Today was really good! We had a busy day. Well, sort of. Elder Duce goes crazy when he takes the medication he is on :) hahaha! It's really funny. But we weren't able to work a whole lot because of that. But I went on exchanges with Elder McBride for a few hours, and that was good! Today was fun though! I really hope Elder Duce feels better soon! :) 

Today was a super fun day! We spent the whole day helping out people in the zone, and that was fun! We got transfer calls today too... I'm going to be senior companion, in a tri-companionship... I'm staying in my ward, and so that is good! :) but I'm going to be in a tri-companionship until December 18th, then one of them will leave, before Christmas. Then it will just be me and one other guy again :) the guy who I will be with has been out as long as me, but I never knew him at the MTC. But anyway, I'm really excited to be staying in my ward! Elder Duce is going to the south stake, and he is training again! It's awesome! :) 

Today was great! We had about 8 hours of church again, and so that was good ;) then we went and sat at the musical fireside building for around 2 1/2 hours before it started, because Elder Jones is in it, and we have to stay with him! But it was a super cool fireside. The video the church has released this year for Christmas "A Savior is Born" is such a cool video, and awesome way to share it with friends. It's so easy to just say "hey, this is a really cool video I found about Christmas, and it makes me truly remember what is important" or something like that. I suggest you guys go look up the video on christmas.mormon.org :) it's awesome! :)

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