Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Daily Notes from Week 18

We had a great day today! It was a very relaxed P-Day. :) It was really really nice. :) haha! We just spent the day at the church after we went shopping for a bit. And while we were shopping, we were getting some ties, and a super nice lady said merry Christmas to us, and bought our ties for us. :) It was so nice. :) Then we spent the night at the Carlson's, who is such an amazing family. :) Bro. Carlson is our young men's leader, and he is just awesome. It was a super good day! :) 

Today was a good day! We got to visit the "J" family again! They are still doing great! "L" is still having a hard time with a few things, but she is still doing great. "M" is doing awesome as well! I'm really excited that they are letting us back into their home to let us teach them again. They are so ready for this gospel :) and we also had a lesson with "D"! He's doing well too! :) 

We had a great today again! We tried to contact a super cool referral we got, for a guy who thinks it's really weird how there are so many churches here. He's from another country. So hopefully we can contact him. :) And we went caroling with the young men and women! It was super fun! We went to an old folks retirement home then we went to Biaggio's pizzeria for dinner. :) It was a super good day! 

Christmas Eve.... What....? Did that just happen? It's like 60 degrees out here. What the heck? ;) but anyway, today was great! So we went to visit some people in Apache pines, the typical apartment complex we always work in, and I felt prompted to go visit the "S" Family, a less active family who Elder Duce and I used to visit when I first got here, and they FINALLY ANSWERED! :D They hadn't answered to us in so long. We were so happy to see them. We are having dinner with them soon too. :) Ahhh it was so great :) they're hopefully coming to church on Sunday too! :) To hear me speak... I'm speaking in church BTW... Haha! And also, it was so cool to be able to call home and organize a Skype time for tomorrow. :) I'm so excited!!! :) 

Friday: (Christmas)
Oh my gosh! It was Christmas today? Coulda fooled me ;) Just kidding. It's just nice and toasty out there ;) haha! Just kidding about that too. It was around 40. Which is pretty darn cold for this place. But anyway, Christmas was so great! It was so so SO amazing to skype my family! :) It helped me so much, just to see their smiling faces. I just was reassured that everything is okay at home. :) It was a blessing. I'm lucky to be able to be in the mission I am and Skype, let alone email every week :) but it was such a fun day! We went to the Leavitt's house to Skype, then when we finished that, we went to Bishop Wilkerson's house and played some board games with them! It was way fun! :) Then we went to the church building as a zone and played basketball, and some other games there :) It was such a good day! :) 

I went on exchanges with Elder McBride for today! It was a lot of fun! It's the first exchange of my transfer, and it feels like it's been forever since I've been on an exchange. So it was really good! :) He talked to me a lot about learning to vent out my stress. And it's been really good to learn about! It was a super good day though! We spent the day in his area, so I don't really know the investigators enough to update you guys... :) haha! :) Oh hey - one of the families in his area had a new Hoverboard!  My family got some for Christmas and I saw them when I skyped, so they let me try it!  It was awesome!

Well, church was great today! Except for the part where everyone else had to listen to me speak. ;) Just kidding. It was actually really good! I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share my testimony with our ward. I prepared a totally different talk than I actually gave. I just felt the spirit working through me today, more than I ever have. It was amazing. I just felt like I was literally opening my mouth, and words came out. It was just so cool to feel that. And after I sat down after I finished my talk, I just felt something change inside me. I all of a sudden felt a burning desire to stay here on my mission. I felt an overwhelming sense of a feeling that I need to be here. It was an experience I have been praying for for so long now. And today, I just felt it all. I completely feel like I need to be here now, and there's nothing that could change that.  :)


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