Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daily Notes from Elder Holt (Week 15)

We had a great P-Day today! We went to Summerlin mall again! It was a lot of fun! There are tons of stores there. And it's kinda fun to be a normal person for an hour or two and just look around stores like that :) and we also went to the church building again, as usual, and played basketball and stuff :) I've been trying to practice piano each P-Day, but I'm still not too good. I want to keep trying though :) other than that, we didn't have much else happen! We talked with a less active guy, who loves to talk. Haha! That's about it :)


We had a good day today. I woke up feeling so nasty. I about threw up a few times. And so I didn't go out to work until around 1, which was when district meeting started. After that, I wasn't feeling super good still, but we went out to work anyway! It's better to be busy. We talked to a few people, and it was good! 


I woke up feeling really nauseous again today... Ughhhhh. But I hate sitting at home so we went to service at goodwill this morning! It was an interesting time. I see some crazy people and stuff there each time I go :) But we spent the rest of the day doing different finding activities. Hopefully all our efforts for finding will pay off :) We set some goals for the rest of this month, and we are trying to works towards those as well! Our companionship has been going better though! And we met with D.M. today too! :) he's doing awesome! He showed us in ether 14-15, how it talks about a guy doing a push up with his head cut off. Read the whole story, then at the end it talks about that ;) it's really funny haha! 


Oh my gosh!!!! We finally found a kid that is so so so excited to keep the commitments we left with him!!! :) we found him through a guy on the part member family list! We've been encouraged to use those lists to help us find new people to teach, and this kid came out of nowhere! His name is Matthew! Oh man I'm so excited for him!!! :) we're meeting with him again on Saturday, and he just seems totally ready :) we had a good day today too! :)


We had a pretty good day today! We taught S, and we taught D.M.! They both went well! I love the spirit that is present whenever we teach lessons. The spirit there is always teaching me, and hopefully the people we teach :) it touches me in a way that is so comforting, and reassuring. It makes my mission seem worth it. And that is especially helpful in cases where I get discouraged and have doubts, because the spirit wipes away those doubts :) 


Today has been super good!!! :) we talked with Bro. Woolley, and had a catch-up meeting with all the people we've been trying to work with, and the people who have been on his mind. It was good! We also had another lessons with the S family! The same family we taught on Thursday! They are so awesome! M is so excited to keep learning, and even said that he wanted to be baptized. Holy moly! It's so exciting!!! :) it's been a great day! We also visited a couple more people, but nothing else too big! 


We had a great sabbath day today! We had a really good church service, and we had D.M. show up to church! He hasn't come in a while, so it was really good to see him! We also had a really good lesson with C and D. They were having a rough time lately, and they are getting out of the little slump they were in. :) We also went to Bro. Leavitt's house, the chiropractor,and we talked about Grace a lot. He explained how grace doesn't only take effect when we have done all we can, which it does, but it is also affecting each breathing moment we recognize our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. We need to be wholly dependent on them, because they have given us everything. And he explained also, with that knowledge, it is comforting to know that because they are always helping us, and standing by our side, if we try our absolute hardest on something, and it doesn't work out, then we know that it was meant to happen that way, because it was Heavenly Father's will :) 

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