Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 12 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello all you happy people :)

This week was so good! I think the best day was yesterday, when Elder Corbridge came to talk to us! He's from the quorum of the seventy, and he came and talked to our whole mission! It was so cool. I think I learned the most about obedience. He said this "unconditional obedience = unconditional faith" :) whoa. That's crazy huh? The thought of that makes me want to be so much more obedient. In every way. Because we all know "faith can move mountains" and so if we can have more faith by being more obedient, then I want to try my best to be more obedient :) So we learned a lot more, but it is all written down in my study journal at home!

Elder Duce and I have been having a lot of cool experiences though! We are spending a lot of time on the part member family list, and that is turning out really well! So many families are opening up, and we haven't been able to get in and teach any yet, but I can tell we will find at least someone to teach :) we are going to teach the "J" Family again!!! We stopped by and talked with them, and they are totally glad we are going to come back! I think they just felt rushed to baptism, but they know this gospel is true. We just need to figure out what is holding them back, so we can help them.

We also talked with "T", the guy who has his own Book of Mormon! We talked with him about meeting with him again, and we were supposed to meet with him again yesterday, but he wasn't home, so he texted us and rescheduled for later this week :)

Something I really appreciated this week, was how helpful and kind all the members here are. We go to lunch or dinner somewhere, and more often than not lately, there has been some members there who offer to pay for our dinner :) it is so nice. And I just really appreciate it! The members of our ward are always so helpful to us too. It's just awesome! I love being a missionary :) I love everything about being here! It hasn't been easy, but it has already been so worth it for me. I love it! Thanks for all your prayers and support! Love you all! :)

-Elder Holt :)

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