Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 11 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello everybody! :)

I can't believe this week is already over. It seemed to go by super fast. But it was a really good week! We made contact with the "J" family again, to see how they are doing. And she has still been reading her Book of Mormon. PHEW. Goodness gracious. Elder Duce and I were pretty nervous for her. But it was very relieving to hear she is doing okay still. I think she just felt rushed, so she didn't want to be baptized. So she will come around, I'm sure :) it's just a matter of when.

We met a ton of really cool people this week. We met a guy is hopefully going to be a new investigator, and we ran into him while going on a "Spirit Walk" which is where we go somewhere, and we say a prayer, and just follow the spirit. We have no plans, we just follow the spirit. But we ran into this guy, and his name is Travis. He has a wife who is a Jehovah's Witness, and he doesn't like that. Haha. Then he has a really good buddy in Arizona who is a stake President, and they have talked about the church a lot. Then he also has his very own triple combination, with his name engraved on it. WHAT. He seems eager to learn more, so I pray that we will be able to teach him more soon :) We met several more people this week, but i really think we were supposed to meet Travis this week.

We actually had lots of service this week, which was awesome. We got to help people move three different times this week. It was really good to be able to help so much! And on Saturday, we were helping a guy move, and he had some couches that he did not want at all, and he totally said we can take them!!! Hahaha! So we got rid of the nasty red couches in our apartment, and replaced them with the new couches, which are reclining couches, and they are so much nicer. So that was a nice addition to our apartment :)

We also got to go on a temple trip this week! :) it was so great!!! This temple is GORGEOUS, inside and out. I loved it. I really needed  to go to the temple. It was the closest thing I've had to alone time for two and a half months ;) but it was seriously so nice. I am looking forward to next time we get to go. The spirit was really strong there, and it made me want to help our investigators be able to get to that point. I just loved being able to go and do that. It was lots of fun too! We went to Golden Corral after, and a guy in a different ward who just got baptized paid for us. But we went there, and they pulled a mean joke on me. Haha. Everyone here thinks I look too young, and so when I got up to get some food, they had taken away my chair, and put a baby's high chair in its place -_- it was funny though!

Anyway, that's mostly it for the week. I had a fun week! I learned a lot about just being more passionate when we teach. So being more positive, and staying happy. So I'm trying to focus on that. And then in my studies I was looking through the Christlike attributes in preach my gospel, and at the end it said how you can develop them. So I decided I'm going to work on one new one each month, and this month I'm working on humility. The biggest part of humility I want to focus on is being humble enough to be teachable. Because sometimes I find myself getting upset when someone tells me what I need to improve, so I am trying to focus on just being more teachable.

That's all for this week! I love you all! :) thanks for all the prayers! I'll talk to you soon! :)

-Elder Holt :)

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