Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 10 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello hello hello! :)

Well, week 9 is down! :) we had a difficult week this week, but I definitely learned a lot still! We had our last person we had set for a baptismal date drop us, and we aren't sure if we are going to be
able to keep teaching him yet. So that was definitely a bummer. But we worked hard this week, and we kept trying and trying to find new people to teach!

We had the opportunity to go to the trunk or treat in our ward!! It was so much fun! We tried our best to dress like Nephites, and then he other missionaries in our trunk or treat dresses as Lamanites, but everyone thought we were trying to be missionary ninjas. So we obviously failed a little bit ;) but we tried our best. But the trunk or treat was amazing! We had most of our investigators come, and they all had a lot of fun being around the ward. It was super cool to see
the ward members reach out and get to know them :)

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Palmer, our zone leader, earlier that day too! He is an awesome guy and has taught me a lot. We talked to a lady who used to take the missionary lessons, and apparently has had some amazing miracles happen to her with the missionaries, but she stopped taking the lessons because her roommates would verbally abuse her for it. So she is moving now, and hopefully things will work out in her new area :)

I also ran into someone who is related to my Aunt Lois in Grantsville! :) Her name is Cindy! So that was pretty crazy. She asked if I knew any Orgill's, and I was like, I AM an Orgill :) haha! It was
funny! :)

Nothing too exciting happened this week other than that stuff. But we did get to watch the new movie Freetown, which is about the missionaries in Liberia, and their story about escaping the country because of the civil war there. It was really inspiring to watch it with a bunch of other missionaries, and see how blessed we are to be in this mission. Some missionaries have so many more difficulties every single day. So I realized I'm really lucky to serve where I am  :)

I also read an amazing talk this week. I got a quote from in seminary a while ago, and while I've been reading the Book of Mormon I came across it again, so I decided to read the whole talk. It's called "The Greatest Generation of Missionaries" by M. Russell Ballard. I would suggest every one of you go and read it :) it's really amazing. But I learned a lot from it! I love the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors. I never realized that it said in the Book of Mormon, that all of them survived, but they were all injured too. They didn't get out of the battle uninjured. They went through a lot. So it makes me realize that it's okay that it's hard here. It's good for me ;) and good for everyone to go through hard things. So that's mostly it for this week! I hope you all are doing well! :) Let me know if there is anything to can do to help! Love and miss you all! 

 -Elder Holt

 Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey
--Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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