Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 10 - Daily Notes

Today was super awesome and needed. I seriously was so comforted from everyone's emails today. They all seemed to be exactly what I needed. I really appreciate everyone's emails every week :) I love hearing how things are going, and things everyone learns :) But we just had a great day! I always love P-Days :) 

We had such a hard morning. We had to run to our area and back, twice by district meeting. And so we used 20/30 of our daily allotted miles by noon, and we were really frustrated. But after district meeting, the whole day was amazing. We focused on patience all day. And it was really what I needed. It helped me a lot, to focus and to realize that all the things we go through, we go through for a reason. So today ended up being one of the best days of my mission so far :) 

Today was so cool!!!! I got to to go with my zone leader, Elder Palmer for a few hours for an exchange. And we talked to a lady who used to take the missionary lessons, and she might start again. So that's awesome! Then we also had the trunk or treat for our ward and another ward tonight!!! It was combined, so there were tons of people there, and it was so fun! :) We had the majority of our investigators come, and we got to talk to all of them. It was so fun :)

Today was a good day! We had our only investigator set with a baptismal date say he can't be baptized that day anymore because he is going to be out of town. *sigh*  We are being tested or something. But all is well :) We had a really good day! We got to spend a lot of time working on our potential list, and we didn't have much success, but we are at least narrowing down the list, so we can find the people who are really ready to be taught.

Today I was on exchanges with Elder McBride, and we spent every free part of the day finding! It was a  of work, but we really had no success. It was a fun day though! We also had a zone training, and we worked on prayer. I learned a lot about it, and I just love how I keep learning more and more about prayer. 

Today was a weird day. I could not sleep very well last night, and I woke up with a really upset stomach. So every one told me to just stay in today, because we only had half a day to work anyway, because we aren't allowed to be out Halloween night, according to church headquarters. Which I'm fine with, because Vegas is probably very scary on Halloween night. Haha! :) so we actually got to watch Freetown today! It was such an inspiring movie. I definitely don't have it as bad as some missionaries. I'm blessed to be here, even though it seems hard, it's not near as hard as some people. So that inspires me to keep working :)

Well today I was really sick again. It hasn't gone away since yesterday, and I just felt yucky all day :/ so the zone leaders told me to stay in again, and so I did. They keep saying "you can't help others until you can help yourself." So they make sure everyone is healthy. But I just stayed in all day, and I read a lot out of the Book of Mormon, chapters 16-29 in Mosiah :) it was great! Those chapters are very amazing. I love it! :) So today was a good studying day! :)

So last week, I was at the church for another Ward's Halloween party, and I met someone named Cindy Lewis, and she is Lois Orgill's niece! She asked where I'm from, and I said Grantsville Utah, and she asked if I know the Orgill's, and I was just like, uhhh I am an Orgill! ;) So she said that Lois is her aunt, and I told her she is my great aunt. Haha! So that was a cool experience :) You should tell Lois for me! :)  

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