Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Q&A - Week 12

1.  What were you most grateful for this week?  
Definitely Elder Corbridge coming to talk to us. It was spiritual, and I learned so much about obedience :) it was so cool! 

2.  What one thing do you look forward to most each day?  
Probably our set teaching appointments. Because I get so excited to go teach people, so that's why it's annoying when people drop the appointments. 

3.  Do you ever get a chance to rest, or take a nap?
Only at lunch or dinner, if you eat fast, then take the rest of the hour to nap, so I've done that a couple times :)

4. What is it like driving in Las Vegas? 
It's kinda scary at times. But it's okay! It keeps me awake ;)

5. What has been your favorite gospel principle to discuss with investigators and why?
Probably when we talk about the Book of Mormon. We talk about the restoration first, then the Book of Mormon lesson, because that's how Pres. Ahlander feels like we should do it. But it's so cool because if you teach it when we are well prepared, it is so powerful. 

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