Monday, November 9, 2015

Q&A Week 11

1. How does the money work in your mission?  How do you get money?  What do you use it for? 
The money is on a debit card, and we get $150 every month. It is put on our card the last business day of the month, and we use it to buy everything that we NEED.  (Not just things we want.) 

2.  Tell us a little more about your companion.  
Elder Duce is the second oldest of 5. His older brother went on his mission, and they overlapped, so they didn't get to see each other. But he LOVES football. His high school got second place at state in Idaho, and he has a two year scholarship to play football at Dixie state! He is huge. He used to bench 325, and squat 530. He's strong. It's scary. But he loves football a lot. Haha! 

3. Do you have to report what your are doing each week?  If so, to who?  And how? 
Every week we write our mission president, and tell him of our weekly adventures. And that's on Monday :) We just email him. 

4. What was your favorite dinner appointment this week? 
It was with the Goff Family because he is a ward missionary, and he loves to do the same kind of things Elder Duce and I do. Like, four wheeling, boating, stuff like that. He is always super willing to come with us to any appointment he can make :) and he made Elder Duce laugh so hard he shot Gatorade out of his nose. 

5. Do you set goals each week with your companion or personally?  If so, what was your goal this week?
We set goals for our lessons, and stuff like that. And then we try and set companionship goals as far as improving our companionship. We are trying to be more strictly obedient :)

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