Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily Updates - Week 13

We had a great P-Day today! We went to the Summerlin mall, and it was way fun! They have so many cool stores there, but it was all pretty dang expensive haha! Missionary budget doesn't allow for that ;) but it was a really good day! I know I always say it, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity I have to email everyone each week. I'm grateful I have the technology that allows me to do that! :) It's amazing!!

We had Zone Conference today! It was my first one, so I got the opportunity to bear my testimony! I talked about how I felt very unsure about coming on a mission while at home, and when I first got here, but as I've been working, I have gotten much more comfortable here, and now I know that I'm supposed to be here. It was a really good conference though! I learned more about obedience, and humility! Something cool that was said was how we have no idea how many people we will touch as missionaries, until the spirit world. That was cool to think about :) But it was an awesome day! :) 

Pretty fun day today! We went to Goodwill to do service, and that's always so fun ;) it's actually pretty funny because we see the weirdest things there. But it is fun! Then we went out and spent time finding people, but we were only able to talk to a few people, who aren't really interested. But one of the guys we talked to totally gave me a USC Trojans Football, signed by a bunch of the team :) I'm not really a fan of USC, but it was flipping awesome still! Haha! But it was a fun day! :)

We had a great day today! We had a service project, which was good! A family who just moved into our ward is moving back to Utah already :/ but they were a fun family! But we had Additional Zone Training today, and learned more about working with members! We are really trying to focus on working with them more, and getting to know their friends, so we don't just seem like the weird missionaries who ask for people to baptize :) It seems like it will be awesome! 

We had a really cool day today! We spent a the day finding! And we talked to a lot of people, and it was awesome! :) We met like, the first pastor from another church that I've ever met who was actually friendly, and kind instead of totally prideful, and telling us we are going to hell. So that was fun :) and we also got the news that Elder Palmer, our zone leader, went Assistant to the President! :) So we are actually doing a tripanionship with Elder Jones, who is the other zone leader, every day until transfers. :) It's really cool, but it was kind of sad. I loved Elder Palmer and now we probably won't get to see him too much anymore. :/ 

Today was so insane. Because Elder Palmer left, we have been in a tripanionship all day, and so I had about 8 hours at the church today :) because they cover two wards. And so, that was fun ;) But we also got to go to the Zion's Youth Symphony tonight!!!! Oh my goodness. It was so good. They had Gentri, a trio come sing also. Holy moly. It was just so awesome. You guys should look up Gentri :) they're so good :) and so spiritual. It's amazing :) but it was a great day! :)

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