Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daily Notes from Week 12

We had a really cool P-Day today! We spent the day at the spring mountain ranch, and played football and had a BBQ. It was tons of fun! We did a Bi-Zone too, with the south zone. There are a few elders there who came out with me, so it was cool to see them again. It's been a lot of fun today though. I really appreciate being able to email home every week. It helps me a lot. 

Elder Duce and I had a great day! We had a very busy day, but it was really productive. I like laying down at the end of the day feeling accomplished :) we had a lesson with Steve, and a lesson with "D".  "S" had a lot to say about the new church announcement... So that was strange. We didn't really know what to say, except just to hear our testimonies that this announcement was God's word, and not the authorities of the church's announcement. If that makes sense.. But anyway, that was mostly it today! We had a super good day! :) 

Today I went on exchanges with Elder Palmer! We went to his area, and it was the first time out of all the exchanges I've done that I left my area to go to somewhere else! It was a lot of fun! And so I spent the night at Elder Palmer's house, and Elder Jones came to our apartment. It was cool to see all these other members and investigators, because it made me excited for when I get transferred, and be able to talk to tons of new people and learn their stories :) I think it will be really cool! It was a super fun day too! :)

We had a super super duper amazing lesson today. We had Bro. Woolley come with us to "D"s lesson, and they are so so SO similar in their backgrounds in the church, and the hard things they've gone through. So many cool things happened. They went to Spain on their missions, and they totally know some of the same people, and it's just so amazing. It was so cool.  We had a cool day other than that too! :) just a fun day. But the lesson was just mind blowing. It was just so cool how similar their situations are, and so now they can help each other through things. It was just amazing. They were meant to meet each other :)

We had Zone Additional Training today, and talked about Working with Members. I have not realized how amazing of members we have here. We need to start using the members more effectively. Well, not using the members. But HELPING the members :) so we made a really cool lesson plan for helping members more effectively, and it seems to be really good. I'm excited to see how it works :) I know that Prophets have said that working with members is the most effective way to do missionary work. So we are gonna try it :)

Today was a super awesome day!!! We met with "T", the guy who has a Book of Mormon with his name on it, and he is totally cool. He is so excited to have us come over, and he is just super awesome. I'm so excited to go teach him :) then we spent time working through the part member list, trying to get to know everyone, and if anyone is wanting to learn more :) it's awesome! I'm excited to keep working and finding more people :)

I finally got to take the sacrament today, for the first time in three weeks. I needed it very badly. And we also had a great day of church, and I learned a lot. It was great! I love the opportunity we have to go to church. I'm much more grateful for it than I used to be. And we spent the rest of the day studying and finding, so it was good. I like staying busy :)

Our PDay was moved to Tuesday this week, because today we had an AMAZING meeting today with Elder Corbridge. He's from the seventy, and he and his wife spoke to us today. Oh man. It was so cool. I learned so much. Here's a cool quote I heard "if you can have faith in the unseen Christ, have faith in the unseen Christlike potential in others" whoa... It's humbling to think about. I need to do that a lot more. And I need to do that in myself. We learned a lot about obedience too. Here's another thought, it's really easy to be obedient when we're getting what we want, right? Like, when we see the rewards, it's easy to keep doing what's right? But Christ wants us to be obedient ALL the time. Even when we AREN'T getting what we want. It's so much harder to be obedient when nothing is going right, and everything seems wrong. Anyway, I learned a lot more too :) it was an amazing day! We didn't get to meet with "T" though, because he wasn't home :/ but he texted us and said we could meet later in the week! So hopefully that works out too :)     

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