Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily Notes from Week 11

Daily updates :)
MONDAY:  P-Day was great! It was awesome! :) we did a Bi-Zone with the Spring Mountain stake, and that was a lot of fun! We got to play basketball, and volleyball. It was tons of fun :) and I loved being able to email home again. It always helps relieve some of the mission stress. So that is always good :) 
TUESDAY:  We had such a cool day today. We had just one lesson planned, so we knew we were going to have a lot of finding time today, so that's what we did. And we didn't find very many people who were interested, but we did find people to actually have a conversation with, which is better than it has been! :) then after our lesson, which was with "D", the excommunicated guy who is rejoining the church, we went finding again. We found the coolest guy ever. He believes lots of little truths about different churches, and he knows a little bit about Mormons. He actually has a friend who is Mormon, and before this guy moved, his friend gave him a Book of Mormon with his own named engraved on the cover. What. Seriously? We finally found someone who might be interested!! :D so that was the best day in a while so far :) 
WEDNESDAY: Another flipping awesome day :) today I was with Elder Fuller, and at first I wasn't too excited for the day, because we had another full day of finding. So I kind of had a bad mindset going into it, but we ended up having a really cool day. I learned that there is absolutely no reason to be upset, or frustrated with things like that, because it is all the same work at the end of the day. So I just need to work on improving my attitude for things like this, and just be positive about it :) we had a really cool day. We happened to come across two people that our whole ward has been trying to get ahold of, but hasn't been able to. And we talked with both of them for a while. So that was one of the coolest parts of the day :) and we just ended up talking to lots of people, and I loved talking to everyone :) 
THURSDAY:  Today was really really amazing :) we got to go to the temple, and it was so amazing. I love the Las Vegas temple :) the celestial room is so beautiful. I just needed the temple today, and was so glad I could go. Then we came home and did our studies, and went and had dinner with the Goff family :) they are the coolest. Then we had another lesson with David, and he is doing awesome. He really wants to rejoin the church for the right reasons. It's amazing to see :)
FRIDAY:  We had a really good day! We spent a lot of the day doing a service project, moving a family out. It was great! Then we got to have a solid lesson with Steve. That was really good. Then we spent some more time finding again :) we've been doing it a lot lately, because we need more people to teach. But it was a good day. 
SATURDAY: We had such a good day again. Oh man. We spent a lot of the day finding, and we got to talk to a few people, but one guy was super amazing. He is from Serbia, and we are totally going to be able to teach him :) it was super cool. And we also got to talk to a few members today. Today just seemed to go super well :) and we just had a super fun day :)
SUNDAYWe had an amazing regional conference today! We got to hear from a few people in the quorum of the seventy, and the general relief society second counselor. And Dallin H. Oaks!!! It was seriously so cool. They all seemed to focus on simplicity, and "uncluttering" our lives. It was really cool. One of them said, "clean out a closet, and just see how it feels" and I just thought of a "spiritual closet" meaning something spiritual we don't seem to touch because we think it's okay. For me, I thought of my testimony of Joseph Smith. I really want to strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith. But then the rest of the day, we just tried to keep finding more people. Not too much success :/ I hope we will be able to find some more people this next week. I know we will :) 

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