Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily Updates - Week 13

We had a great P-Day today! We went to the Summerlin mall, and it was way fun! They have so many cool stores there, but it was all pretty dang expensive haha! Missionary budget doesn't allow for that ;) but it was a really good day! I know I always say it, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity I have to email everyone each week. I'm grateful I have the technology that allows me to do that! :) It's amazing!!

We had Zone Conference today! It was my first one, so I got the opportunity to bear my testimony! I talked about how I felt very unsure about coming on a mission while at home, and when I first got here, but as I've been working, I have gotten much more comfortable here, and now I know that I'm supposed to be here. It was a really good conference though! I learned more about obedience, and humility! Something cool that was said was how we have no idea how many people we will touch as missionaries, until the spirit world. That was cool to think about :) But it was an awesome day! :) 

Pretty fun day today! We went to Goodwill to do service, and that's always so fun ;) it's actually pretty funny because we see the weirdest things there. But it is fun! Then we went out and spent time finding people, but we were only able to talk to a few people, who aren't really interested. But one of the guys we talked to totally gave me a USC Trojans Football, signed by a bunch of the team :) I'm not really a fan of USC, but it was flipping awesome still! Haha! But it was a fun day! :)

We had a great day today! We had a service project, which was good! A family who just moved into our ward is moving back to Utah already :/ but they were a fun family! But we had Additional Zone Training today, and learned more about working with members! We are really trying to focus on working with them more, and getting to know their friends, so we don't just seem like the weird missionaries who ask for people to baptize :) It seems like it will be awesome! 

We had a really cool day today! We spent a the day finding! And we talked to a lot of people, and it was awesome! :) We met like, the first pastor from another church that I've ever met who was actually friendly, and kind instead of totally prideful, and telling us we are going to hell. So that was fun :) and we also got the news that Elder Palmer, our zone leader, went Assistant to the President! :) So we are actually doing a tripanionship with Elder Jones, who is the other zone leader, every day until transfers. :) It's really cool, but it was kind of sad. I loved Elder Palmer and now we probably won't get to see him too much anymore. :/ 

Today was so insane. Because Elder Palmer left, we have been in a tripanionship all day, and so I had about 8 hours at the church today :) because they cover two wards. And so, that was fun ;) But we also got to go to the Zion's Youth Symphony tonight!!!! Oh my goodness. It was so good. They had Gentri, a trio come sing also. Holy moly. It was just so awesome. You guys should look up Gentri :) they're so good :) and so spiritual. It's amazing :) but it was a great day! :)

Week 13 - Q&A

1.  What is something you have been grateful for this week?
I have been very grateful for our zone leaders, because they have been dealing with tons of crap in our zone, and they have stayed so positive and happy, and helped us with anything we needed. It was seriously amazing how they stayed so positive :) they're awesome. 

2. What is the strangest thing you saw or did this week?
Umm, at goodwill, you see the most strange things. I saw some plates and mugs, that had some very inappropriate things. Yeah... That's all I'm gonna say about that...

3. What scripture has stood out to you the most this week?
D&C 61:36-39  it's very comforting :) 

4. Tell us one reason you are grateful to be serving where you are?
 I'm so grateful to be here, because I have met the people who I have. I wouldn't have met Elder Duce, or my zone leaders. And they really help me a lot! It definitely strengthens my testimony that Pres. Ahlander is called of God, and that we as missionaries are sent to the places we really need to be.

5. Where & With Who will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner this week?
Honestly, I'm not too sure how it's going to be working out, because we are in this weird Tripanionship. I have no idea :) haha! I'll let you know next week ;) I just know it will be awesome, because on thanksgiving, it's a non Proselyting day, so we are basically having another P-Day, but we still can't email until Monday :) 


Here are some pics of our PDay fun!  :)

Sitting in a Ferrari at Bro. Yamgata's house on PDay.   Not too shabby.  ;)

There are no words.  Ha!

My District on a hike on Pday. 

Our hike was awesome!  The waterfalls were so cool!

We hiked up high enough, that we were actually 'in' the clouds.  It was awesome!

This is a note that one of our appointments left us.  I thought it was nice.  :)

Week 13 - Email from Elder Holt

Hey everyone!! :)

We had a great week this week! We had my very first zone conference, and that was super cool! I loved all the trainings we got, but my favorite point that was brought up was when we talked about the atonement a lot, and why we need to understand it better, in order to be better missionaries :)

We have been able to find a lot more people to teach!!!! Finally!!! :D We have met so many people! But none of them have followed through with an appointment yet, so that is kind of disappointing. But we will keep trying :) someone has gotta be excited to learn about the gospel. I mean, it's so amazing. Everyone should know ;)

But we had a pretty confusing week. Elder Palmer, one of our zone leaders got called to be an AP, or assistant to President Ahlander, so our other zone leader was left without a companion. So Elder Duce and I have been with him since that happened :) and we had 8 hours of church yesterday because of that too, which is good! It was cool to be able to think about the sacrament a more than once yesterday.  It helped me realize the importance of it. It's so awesome how we have the opportunity to be forgiven each week. It's really important to me, a lot more important than it used to be. So that's good! I'm grateful for the gospel :) I know it's true. 

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! We all can be a bit more grateful. I'm going to try really hard to focus on being more grateful!

I love you all! :) have a great week!!! :)

Elder Holt :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 12 - PICTURES!

We re-created 'The Best Two Years' movie poster.  Haha!  That is Elder McBride, Elder Duce, Elder Fuller, and Me!

Only in.....Las Vegas?  Haha!  We passed a lot of wild donkeys on our PDay trip this week.  Many quotes from Shrek were shared.  ;)

Infinite wisdom from this fortune cookie.   What the what?   

Us with Bro. O'Connell.  He is a recent convert, who took us to Golden Corral after our Temple trip last week.  Awesome guy!

Week 12 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello all you happy people :)

This week was so good! I think the best day was yesterday, when Elder Corbridge came to talk to us! He's from the quorum of the seventy, and he came and talked to our whole mission! It was so cool. I think I learned the most about obedience. He said this "unconditional obedience = unconditional faith" :) whoa. That's crazy huh? The thought of that makes me want to be so much more obedient. In every way. Because we all know "faith can move mountains" and so if we can have more faith by being more obedient, then I want to try my best to be more obedient :) So we learned a lot more, but it is all written down in my study journal at home!

Elder Duce and I have been having a lot of cool experiences though! We are spending a lot of time on the part member family list, and that is turning out really well! So many families are opening up, and we haven't been able to get in and teach any yet, but I can tell we will find at least someone to teach :) we are going to teach the "J" Family again!!! We stopped by and talked with them, and they are totally glad we are going to come back! I think they just felt rushed to baptism, but they know this gospel is true. We just need to figure out what is holding them back, so we can help them.

We also talked with "T", the guy who has his own Book of Mormon! We talked with him about meeting with him again, and we were supposed to meet with him again yesterday, but he wasn't home, so he texted us and rescheduled for later this week :)

Something I really appreciated this week, was how helpful and kind all the members here are. We go to lunch or dinner somewhere, and more often than not lately, there has been some members there who offer to pay for our dinner :) it is so nice. And I just really appreciate it! The members of our ward are always so helpful to us too. It's just awesome! I love being a missionary :) I love everything about being here! It hasn't been easy, but it has already been so worth it for me. I love it! Thanks for all your prayers and support! Love you all! :)

-Elder Holt :)

Q&A - Week 12

1.  What were you most grateful for this week?  
Definitely Elder Corbridge coming to talk to us. It was spiritual, and I learned so much about obedience :) it was so cool! 

2.  What one thing do you look forward to most each day?  
Probably our set teaching appointments. Because I get so excited to go teach people, so that's why it's annoying when people drop the appointments. 

3.  Do you ever get a chance to rest, or take a nap?
Only at lunch or dinner, if you eat fast, then take the rest of the hour to nap, so I've done that a couple times :)

4. What is it like driving in Las Vegas? 
It's kinda scary at times. But it's okay! It keeps me awake ;)

5. What has been your favorite gospel principle to discuss with investigators and why?
Probably when we talk about the Book of Mormon. We talk about the restoration first, then the Book of Mormon lesson, because that's how Pres. Ahlander feels like we should do it. But it's so cool because if you teach it when we are well prepared, it is so powerful. 

Daily Notes from Week 12

We had a really cool P-Day today! We spent the day at the spring mountain ranch, and played football and had a BBQ. It was tons of fun! We did a Bi-Zone too, with the south zone. There are a few elders there who came out with me, so it was cool to see them again. It's been a lot of fun today though. I really appreciate being able to email home every week. It helps me a lot. 

Elder Duce and I had a great day! We had a very busy day, but it was really productive. I like laying down at the end of the day feeling accomplished :) we had a lesson with Steve, and a lesson with "D".  "S" had a lot to say about the new church announcement... So that was strange. We didn't really know what to say, except just to hear our testimonies that this announcement was God's word, and not the authorities of the church's announcement. If that makes sense.. But anyway, that was mostly it today! We had a super good day! :) 

Today I went on exchanges with Elder Palmer! We went to his area, and it was the first time out of all the exchanges I've done that I left my area to go to somewhere else! It was a lot of fun! And so I spent the night at Elder Palmer's house, and Elder Jones came to our apartment. It was cool to see all these other members and investigators, because it made me excited for when I get transferred, and be able to talk to tons of new people and learn their stories :) I think it will be really cool! It was a super fun day too! :)

We had a super super duper amazing lesson today. We had Bro. Woolley come with us to "D"s lesson, and they are so so SO similar in their backgrounds in the church, and the hard things they've gone through. So many cool things happened. They went to Spain on their missions, and they totally know some of the same people, and it's just so amazing. It was so cool.  We had a cool day other than that too! :) just a fun day. But the lesson was just mind blowing. It was just so cool how similar their situations are, and so now they can help each other through things. It was just amazing. They were meant to meet each other :)

We had Zone Additional Training today, and talked about Working with Members. I have not realized how amazing of members we have here. We need to start using the members more effectively. Well, not using the members. But HELPING the members :) so we made a really cool lesson plan for helping members more effectively, and it seems to be really good. I'm excited to see how it works :) I know that Prophets have said that working with members is the most effective way to do missionary work. So we are gonna try it :)

Today was a super awesome day!!! We met with "T", the guy who has a Book of Mormon with his name on it, and he is totally cool. He is so excited to have us come over, and he is just super awesome. I'm so excited to go teach him :) then we spent time working through the part member list, trying to get to know everyone, and if anyone is wanting to learn more :) it's awesome! I'm excited to keep working and finding more people :)

I finally got to take the sacrament today, for the first time in three weeks. I needed it very badly. And we also had a great day of church, and I learned a lot. It was great! I love the opportunity we have to go to church. I'm much more grateful for it than I used to be. And we spent the rest of the day studying and finding, so it was good. I like staying busy :)

Our PDay was moved to Tuesday this week, because today we had an AMAZING meeting today with Elder Corbridge. He's from the seventy, and he and his wife spoke to us today. Oh man. It was so cool. I learned so much. Here's a cool quote I heard "if you can have faith in the unseen Christ, have faith in the unseen Christlike potential in others" whoa... It's humbling to think about. I need to do that a lot more. And I need to do that in myself. We learned a lot about obedience too. Here's another thought, it's really easy to be obedient when we're getting what we want, right? Like, when we see the rewards, it's easy to keep doing what's right? But Christ wants us to be obedient ALL the time. Even when we AREN'T getting what we want. It's so much harder to be obedient when nothing is going right, and everything seems wrong. Anyway, I learned a lot more too :) it was an amazing day! We didn't get to meet with "T" though, because he wasn't home :/ but he texted us and said we could meet later in the week! So hopefully that works out too :)     

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily Notes from Week 11

Daily updates :)
MONDAY:  P-Day was great! It was awesome! :) we did a Bi-Zone with the Spring Mountain stake, and that was a lot of fun! We got to play basketball, and volleyball. It was tons of fun :) and I loved being able to email home again. It always helps relieve some of the mission stress. So that is always good :) 
TUESDAY:  We had such a cool day today. We had just one lesson planned, so we knew we were going to have a lot of finding time today, so that's what we did. And we didn't find very many people who were interested, but we did find people to actually have a conversation with, which is better than it has been! :) then after our lesson, which was with "D", the excommunicated guy who is rejoining the church, we went finding again. We found the coolest guy ever. He believes lots of little truths about different churches, and he knows a little bit about Mormons. He actually has a friend who is Mormon, and before this guy moved, his friend gave him a Book of Mormon with his own named engraved on the cover. What. Seriously? We finally found someone who might be interested!! :D so that was the best day in a while so far :) 
WEDNESDAY: Another flipping awesome day :) today I was with Elder Fuller, and at first I wasn't too excited for the day, because we had another full day of finding. So I kind of had a bad mindset going into it, but we ended up having a really cool day. I learned that there is absolutely no reason to be upset, or frustrated with things like that, because it is all the same work at the end of the day. So I just need to work on improving my attitude for things like this, and just be positive about it :) we had a really cool day. We happened to come across two people that our whole ward has been trying to get ahold of, but hasn't been able to. And we talked with both of them for a while. So that was one of the coolest parts of the day :) and we just ended up talking to lots of people, and I loved talking to everyone :) 
THURSDAY:  Today was really really amazing :) we got to go to the temple, and it was so amazing. I love the Las Vegas temple :) the celestial room is so beautiful. I just needed the temple today, and was so glad I could go. Then we came home and did our studies, and went and had dinner with the Goff family :) they are the coolest. Then we had another lesson with David, and he is doing awesome. He really wants to rejoin the church for the right reasons. It's amazing to see :)
FRIDAY:  We had a really good day! We spent a lot of the day doing a service project, moving a family out. It was great! Then we got to have a solid lesson with Steve. That was really good. Then we spent some more time finding again :) we've been doing it a lot lately, because we need more people to teach. But it was a good day. 
SATURDAY: We had such a good day again. Oh man. We spent a lot of the day finding, and we got to talk to a few people, but one guy was super amazing. He is from Serbia, and we are totally going to be able to teach him :) it was super cool. And we also got to talk to a few members today. Today just seemed to go super well :) and we just had a super fun day :)
SUNDAYWe had an amazing regional conference today! We got to hear from a few people in the quorum of the seventy, and the general relief society second counselor. And Dallin H. Oaks!!! It was seriously so cool. They all seemed to focus on simplicity, and "uncluttering" our lives. It was really cool. One of them said, "clean out a closet, and just see how it feels" and I just thought of a "spiritual closet" meaning something spiritual we don't seem to touch because we think it's okay. For me, I thought of my testimony of Joseph Smith. I really want to strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith. But then the rest of the day, we just tried to keep finding more people. Not too much success :/ I hope we will be able to find some more people this next week. I know we will :) 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pics from Our Temple Trip!

Me and my companion, Elder Duce.  We had such a great day at the temple.

I LOVED this temple.  It was seriously gorgeous!  The Celestial Room was amazing!

It's finally cool enough in Las Vegas to start wearing a sweater!  :)

Q&A Week 11

1. How does the money work in your mission?  How do you get money?  What do you use it for? 
The money is on a debit card, and we get $150 every month. It is put on our card the last business day of the month, and we use it to buy everything that we NEED.  (Not just things we want.) 

2.  Tell us a little more about your companion.  
Elder Duce is the second oldest of 5. His older brother went on his mission, and they overlapped, so they didn't get to see each other. But he LOVES football. His high school got second place at state in Idaho, and he has a two year scholarship to play football at Dixie state! He is huge. He used to bench 325, and squat 530. He's strong. It's scary. But he loves football a lot. Haha! 

3. Do you have to report what your are doing each week?  If so, to who?  And how? 
Every week we write our mission president, and tell him of our weekly adventures. And that's on Monday :) We just email him. 

4. What was your favorite dinner appointment this week? 
It was with the Goff Family because he is a ward missionary, and he loves to do the same kind of things Elder Duce and I do. Like, four wheeling, boating, stuff like that. He is always super willing to come with us to any appointment he can make :) and he made Elder Duce laugh so hard he shot Gatorade out of his nose. 

5. Do you set goals each week with your companion or personally?  If so, what was your goal this week?
We set goals for our lessons, and stuff like that. And then we try and set companionship goals as far as improving our companionship. We are trying to be more strictly obedient :)

Week 11 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello everybody! :)

I can't believe this week is already over. It seemed to go by super fast. But it was a really good week! We made contact with the "J" family again, to see how they are doing. And she has still been reading her Book of Mormon. PHEW. Goodness gracious. Elder Duce and I were pretty nervous for her. But it was very relieving to hear she is doing okay still. I think she just felt rushed, so she didn't want to be baptized. So she will come around, I'm sure :) it's just a matter of when.

We met a ton of really cool people this week. We met a guy is hopefully going to be a new investigator, and we ran into him while going on a "Spirit Walk" which is where we go somewhere, and we say a prayer, and just follow the spirit. We have no plans, we just follow the spirit. But we ran into this guy, and his name is Travis. He has a wife who is a Jehovah's Witness, and he doesn't like that. Haha. Then he has a really good buddy in Arizona who is a stake President, and they have talked about the church a lot. Then he also has his very own triple combination, with his name engraved on it. WHAT. He seems eager to learn more, so I pray that we will be able to teach him more soon :) We met several more people this week, but i really think we were supposed to meet Travis this week.

We actually had lots of service this week, which was awesome. We got to help people move three different times this week. It was really good to be able to help so much! And on Saturday, we were helping a guy move, and he had some couches that he did not want at all, and he totally said we can take them!!! Hahaha! So we got rid of the nasty red couches in our apartment, and replaced them with the new couches, which are reclining couches, and they are so much nicer. So that was a nice addition to our apartment :)

We also got to go on a temple trip this week! :) it was so great!!! This temple is GORGEOUS, inside and out. I loved it. I really needed  to go to the temple. It was the closest thing I've had to alone time for two and a half months ;) but it was seriously so nice. I am looking forward to next time we get to go. The spirit was really strong there, and it made me want to help our investigators be able to get to that point. I just loved being able to go and do that. It was lots of fun too! We went to Golden Corral after, and a guy in a different ward who just got baptized paid for us. But we went there, and they pulled a mean joke on me. Haha. Everyone here thinks I look too young, and so when I got up to get some food, they had taken away my chair, and put a baby's high chair in its place -_- it was funny though!

Anyway, that's mostly it for the week. I had a fun week! I learned a lot about just being more passionate when we teach. So being more positive, and staying happy. So I'm trying to focus on that. And then in my studies I was looking through the Christlike attributes in preach my gospel, and at the end it said how you can develop them. So I decided I'm going to work on one new one each month, and this month I'm working on humility. The biggest part of humility I want to focus on is being humble enough to be teachable. Because sometimes I find myself getting upset when someone tells me what I need to improve, so I am trying to focus on just being more teachable.

That's all for this week! I love you all! :) thanks for all the prayers! I'll talk to you soon! :)

-Elder Holt :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pics from Week 10

Steve, one of our Investigators at our Ward Halloween Party.  His costume was just not right.  Haha!

Steve, not in costume this time, for one of our lessons.  :)

A picture from a waterfall that we saw on our hike from a P-day a few weeks ago!  (I had to keep my eyes closed, because the water was spraying everywhere!)

Me, My companion, My Zone Leader, and his companion, dressed up as Nephites for the Ward Truck or Treat!
Me and Elder McBride, at Biaggio's Pizzeria.  This is Mr. Biaggio, a member from our Ward who owns the place, and lets the missionaries eat here anytime for free!  He is awesome!

Week 10 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello hello hello! :)

Well, week 9 is down! :) we had a difficult week this week, but I definitely learned a lot still! We had our last person we had set for a baptismal date drop us, and we aren't sure if we are going to be
able to keep teaching him yet. So that was definitely a bummer. But we worked hard this week, and we kept trying and trying to find new people to teach!

We had the opportunity to go to the trunk or treat in our ward!! It was so much fun! We tried our best to dress like Nephites, and then he other missionaries in our trunk or treat dresses as Lamanites, but everyone thought we were trying to be missionary ninjas. So we obviously failed a little bit ;) but we tried our best. But the trunk or treat was amazing! We had most of our investigators come, and they all had a lot of fun being around the ward. It was super cool to see
the ward members reach out and get to know them :)

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Palmer, our zone leader, earlier that day too! He is an awesome guy and has taught me a lot. We talked to a lady who used to take the missionary lessons, and apparently has had some amazing miracles happen to her with the missionaries, but she stopped taking the lessons because her roommates would verbally abuse her for it. So she is moving now, and hopefully things will work out in her new area :)

I also ran into someone who is related to my Aunt Lois in Grantsville! :) Her name is Cindy! So that was pretty crazy. She asked if I knew any Orgill's, and I was like, I AM an Orgill :) haha! It was
funny! :)

Nothing too exciting happened this week other than that stuff. But we did get to watch the new movie Freetown, which is about the missionaries in Liberia, and their story about escaping the country because of the civil war there. It was really inspiring to watch it with a bunch of other missionaries, and see how blessed we are to be in this mission. Some missionaries have so many more difficulties every single day. So I realized I'm really lucky to serve where I am  :)

I also read an amazing talk this week. I got a quote from in seminary a while ago, and while I've been reading the Book of Mormon I came across it again, so I decided to read the whole talk. It's called "The Greatest Generation of Missionaries" by M. Russell Ballard. I would suggest every one of you go and read it :) it's really amazing. But I learned a lot from it! I love the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors. I never realized that it said in the Book of Mormon, that all of them survived, but they were all injured too. They didn't get out of the battle uninjured. They went through a lot. So it makes me realize that it's okay that it's hard here. It's good for me ;) and good for everyone to go through hard things. So that's mostly it for this week! I hope you all are doing well! :) Let me know if there is anything to can do to help! Love and miss you all! 

 -Elder Holt

 Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey
--Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Q&A - Week 10

We each asked Gavin a question this week.  :)

1.  (Lauren) What was your favorite thing about Halloween? 
I loved being able to watch Freetown on Halloween! It was a very good movie about the missionaries in Liberia. You guys should watch it :)

2.  (Dad)  What has been your most spiritual experience on your mission so far?  
Definitely one of the lessons Elder Duce and I had with Steve, one of our investigators. We had an amazing lesson, that we didn't feel too prepared for, but the whole lesson went so perfectly. We just had perfect scriptures pop into our head (thanks to the spirit) and they were what he needed. He said he couldn't sleep that night, because he couldn't stop thinking about what he felt and thought about during that lesson. It was amazing. 

3.  (Megan) What has been your favorite thing that you've heard about from back home?  
Hearing that you guys are cleaning out the basement!!!! Hahaha! I wish I could be there to help! Well, kinda ;) you guys got this.  Haha!  ;) 

4.  (Derek) What has been your favorite teaching experience so far in your mission?  
Same thing as question 2 probably. Haha!

5.  (Mom) What have YOU learned this week?  I definitely learned that we are going through these trials for a reason. Elder Jones, one of our zone leaders shared a quote with me, and it was a Jeffrey R. Holland quote about trials. I can't exactly remember what it was, and I don't have it with me, But we definitely do grow from our trials. They aren't given to us to pass the time. We are going through them, each individual trial for a greater purpose. 

Week 10 - Daily Notes

Today was super awesome and needed. I seriously was so comforted from everyone's emails today. They all seemed to be exactly what I needed. I really appreciate everyone's emails every week :) I love hearing how things are going, and things everyone learns :) But we just had a great day! I always love P-Days :) 

We had such a hard morning. We had to run to our area and back, twice by district meeting. And so we used 20/30 of our daily allotted miles by noon, and we were really frustrated. But after district meeting, the whole day was amazing. We focused on patience all day. And it was really what I needed. It helped me a lot, to focus and to realize that all the things we go through, we go through for a reason. So today ended up being one of the best days of my mission so far :) 

Today was so cool!!!! I got to to go with my zone leader, Elder Palmer for a few hours for an exchange. And we talked to a lady who used to take the missionary lessons, and she might start again. So that's awesome! Then we also had the trunk or treat for our ward and another ward tonight!!! It was combined, so there were tons of people there, and it was so fun! :) We had the majority of our investigators come, and we got to talk to all of them. It was so fun :)

Today was a good day! We had our only investigator set with a baptismal date say he can't be baptized that day anymore because he is going to be out of town. *sigh*  We are being tested or something. But all is well :) We had a really good day! We got to spend a lot of time working on our potential list, and we didn't have much success, but we are at least narrowing down the list, so we can find the people who are really ready to be taught.

Today I was on exchanges with Elder McBride, and we spent every free part of the day finding! It was a  of work, but we really had no success. It was a fun day though! We also had a zone training, and we worked on prayer. I learned a lot about it, and I just love how I keep learning more and more about prayer. 

Today was a weird day. I could not sleep very well last night, and I woke up with a really upset stomach. So every one told me to just stay in today, because we only had half a day to work anyway, because we aren't allowed to be out Halloween night, according to church headquarters. Which I'm fine with, because Vegas is probably very scary on Halloween night. Haha! :) so we actually got to watch Freetown today! It was such an inspiring movie. I definitely don't have it as bad as some missionaries. I'm blessed to be here, even though it seems hard, it's not near as hard as some people. So that inspires me to keep working :)

Well today I was really sick again. It hasn't gone away since yesterday, and I just felt yucky all day :/ so the zone leaders told me to stay in again, and so I did. They keep saying "you can't help others until you can help yourself." So they make sure everyone is healthy. But I just stayed in all day, and I read a lot out of the Book of Mormon, chapters 16-29 in Mosiah :) it was great! Those chapters are very amazing. I love it! :) So today was a good studying day! :)

So last week, I was at the church for another Ward's Halloween party, and I met someone named Cindy Lewis, and she is Lois Orgill's niece! She asked where I'm from, and I said Grantsville Utah, and she asked if I know the Orgill's, and I was just like, uhhh I am an Orgill! ;) So she said that Lois is her aunt, and I told her she is my great aunt. Haha! So that was a cool experience :) You should tell Lois for me! :)