Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week Six - Email from Elder Holt

This week has been super super awesome! I can't believe that I've
almost been out 40 days! Crazy stuff! :) but we had such an amazing
week! We finally saw the "J" family again because we watched
conference at their house on Saturday afternoon! They took a trip to
California! But yeah, we watched conference with them, and it was
great! Sis. J really liked Elder Holland's talk about mothers for
obvious reasons ;) we also watched conference at Bro. Yamagata's house
that morning. It was awesome. Then we had priesthood session, and
bishop drove us to that! Then Sunday morning we watched conference at
our new investigator "K"'s house! We had our first lesson with her on
Friday and she committed to being baptized!!! It was so exciting, and
I'm so excited to see her keep progressing! Then Sunday afternoon we
watched conference at Bishop's house with "E"!  Ahh....it was such a
good week! We taught more lessons, we found new people to teach, and
just talked to so many people. It's so amazing :)
Conference was so great! I loved so many talks, but I think my
favorite was Larry E. Lawrence's talk. I loved the "what lack I yet?"
idea. I really want to try and find out what I need to improve on,
then do it! So I'm going to try and do that more this week! The entire
conference was so great though! I loved hearing from the three new
apostles! They seem super awesome! I already can't wait to hear from
them some more!

I'm doing really well out here though! I'm learning a ton, and I can't
wait to continue to learn and teach more!! I'm so grateful that I have
this opportunity to be out here serving our Heavenly Father :) I can't
wait to keep on keeping on! That's what some minister elder Duce and I
found this week told us. He really appreciates what we're doing. So
that was a cool experience too!

So yeah, that's my week! I hope all of you had a great week as well! I
love you all! :) I'll talk to you soon!

Here's my Daily notes:

Pday was great! We did a lot today! But when we got home from the
church, our back patio door was open.... And all the drawers and
cupboards were open in the kitchen and our rooms. So that is kinda
sketchy. But I hope we'll be okay. I'm sure we will be :) Heavenly
Father will watch over us. But we had a good day :) lots of fun. It's
always good to email home :) 

We had a great district meeting today! We emphasized teaching simply
as the savior does, and it was really eye-opening. I really want to
try and do that more. Because as the Savior taught, the people He
taught were able to understand and were more willing to keep
commitments if they understand what is being taught. And when you
teach simple truths, the Spirit is always there. Other than that, we
didn't do much today. Visited "C" and "D".  Talked with "V", the 16 year old there. She does marching band, and plays
flute. She's the most active one in their family, and she has gone on
splits with the sister missionaries before. She's awesome! Purty good

We had a companion exchange. I went with Elder McBride! He was pretty
cool! It was good to get to know him more. He's pretty good at door
contacting people, and just talking to them. but we had a few
appointments drop today, so it was a little frustrating. But it was
okay :) it was a good day! 

There was a leadership training today, so I ended up going with elder
McBride all day, and also with elder Falagrady. He is another elder in
my zone. It was a fun day, but I wish we would have worked harder.
Lesson learned. But we also met with "E" and "D" tonight, once
I got back with Elder Duce. So those appointments went well! Elder
Duce had a pretty excited spirit after that training. It was awesome!
We also helped a lady finish moving in her stuff from Arizona. She
already had an apartment full of who knows what, and she brought an
entire uhaul full of more stuff. Level 9282 hoarder. Haha! It was
exciting to say the least ;) 

Today was just amazing. Completely. We had our first appointment with
a lady named Sandy "D" and she told us she never wanted to meet with
us again. So I was thinking that today wasn't gonna be too good. But I
was wrong :) we got to visit with "S", and he is growing still. He
hasn't come to church, but he's getting there! Then we visited with a
less active lady who is getting to be good friends with Sis. Tackett,
a recent convert in our ward. It's super awesome! Then we met with
"K", who we found by helping her move into the Apache Pines complex
(probably about 80-90% of our work is here now :) ) and "K" accepted
the invitation to be baptized on our first visit!!!!!! :D she is so
ridiculously prepared. And she has two boys, 9 & 7 :) so they were
very attentive, and asking all sorts of questions about prayer. It was
amazing :) so yeah, an awesome day :) 

Conference was super amazing today!!!!! We got to watch it at Brother
Yamagata's house. Such a nice guy - and He is ridiculously rich haha. He has 4 houses in oneof the most expensive neighborhoods in Vegas. His new house he is building has a 7,000 sq. ft garage, and 12,000 sq. ft house. It's
massive. But anyway, it was super cool! I learned a lot during
conference today. I was excited to hear the new apostles announcement!
We got to watch the second session with The "J" family!!! They are
doing awesome! I was so happy to finally see them again! :) but it was
awesome today! 

General conference was amazing! I'm so grateful we get the blessing of
hearing our general authorities speak to us. It lifts my spirits up so
much. I loved so many quotes today. "The future of your faith is not
by chance, but by choice." -Neil L. Anderson in priesthood session :)
I just love hearing things like that that remind me of the little
things I need to either remember to do, or improve on. It's awesome :)
but we watched conference with "K" this morning, and then "E" this afternoon. Both went great! I hope the Spirit continues to work
on them!

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