Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 7 - Daily Notes

P-Day was fabulous! We went on an awesome hike today! And it rained a lot! Gah! It was such an awesome day! I loved hearing from my family how much they loved conference! It was such a good conference! But the hike today was so beautiful! Way up above the Vegas Valley :) it was awesome! And there were waterfalls from the rain! It was such greatness :) and we got a car!!! Wowza you have no idea how happy that made Elder Duce and I :) 

(Note from MOM:  Elder Holt failed to mention in the notes today, that during the hike, he fell in the water, resulting in a bacterial infection that manifested as a rash all over his body, by Thursday night.  NO FUN - although he said they did have some good laughs about it, so that's something!!)

I went on exchanges with Elder Claypool today, and it was so nice to have a car! I am so sore from our hike yesterday. I went all the way up with some other elders, then came back down, and went back up with the second group. But it was worth it :) we had a pretty swell day though! We taught "S", and elder Claypool had some cool things to point out to him. So hopefully he keeps reading and progressing! Other than that, it was just some potential investigator visits, but nothing super extraordinary. It was a fun day though :)

Well, today I woke up with a pretty bad headache. And it stayed most of the day :/ oh well. It coulda been worse :) but we got to teach the "J" family about temples, and it was really special for them to learn about it. So that was super awesome! And their dad will be back around Halloween so M jr. can get baptized!!!! :D it's super exciting! But we went out to our car, and the tire was completely flat.... So we drove really slowly to a gas station, and the air pump was stolen... So then we went to another one, and that air pump was out of order... *sigh* so we put on the spare finally. But now we realized there is a metal piece in the tire, so we'll have to take the car to the shop. Heavenly Father wants us on bike ;) Then on Wednesdays, we usually go out with our high priest group and go on a "rescue night" where we go and find people on our unknown lists, and potential home teachers, and stuff like that. It's really cool to work with the high priests! Then we ended our day with Italian ice :) 

 We had a really long day today. But it was pretty productive! We met a lady who called us randomly and we met with her, and her family is kind of falling apart. But she totally committed to be baptized because she has such a strong testimony that God can help her through everything. So that was awesome! Then we found a VERY less active lady, who completely wants to change her life around. It's super amazing. I can't wait to see both of them progress! 

We had STNMT today, which is the new missionary training. So that was pretty good! I learned a few things I need to improve on, like being on time for studies, and trying to not "murmur" in my head as much. Like, just stop having negative thoughts I guess :) But then we also had interviews with President Ahlander! We had a good talk, and he helped me just unwind, I guess. It was good to finally get the opportunity to know my Mission President though :) haha! But that's pretty much all we did today, but it was a great day! 

I got the opportunity to go on exchanges with our zone leader, Elder Palmer, today! It was a lot of fun! He has been out almost 18 months now. It's crazy! But he is a really cool guy, and I learned a lot! We had some pretty cool experiences! But mostly he taught me some important things, which was just focusing on why I am out here, and why it's important to constantly act on our spiritual promptings. 

We had an awesome Sabbath Day! The speakers all spoke on the things they learned from conference. It was really good! I really want to go back and read all the talks again, because there is seriously so much we can learn from them. But the rest of the day was pretty normal, we tried to visit people we found while tracting, but not much luck. But it was a busy day, so it was good :) 

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