Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Q&A - Week Six

1.  Where did you watch conference and with who?
           Saturday morning with Bro. Yamagata! He's very wealthy. Haha. His house is so nice! But yeah, then              Saturday afternoon at the Jones family's house, then Sunday morning at "K"'s house, a new                            investigator, and then Sunday afternoon at our Bishop's house with "E"!  They were all great! :)
2.  What was your favorite conference talk, and why?
Probably Larry E. Lawrence's talk, because the whole focus was the "what lack I yet?" And I loved that! He was just talking about asking Heavenly Father what keeps us from progressing, and then we will know what we need to work on. 

3.  What was your biggest challenge this week?
When we went on exchanges on Thursday, and the two elders I was with did not want to work and it was very frustrating. We did one visit the whole day. It was kinda annoying. But I know that I'm gonna have companions like that, so I need to learn to handle with that better. 

4.  Name one person who has stood out to you this week and why?
Pres. Uchtdorf, because throughout several talks during conference, I thought of so many of his quotes, like "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and his "What matters most" talk and so many others. So I made a list of his talks I want to read :)

5.  Name one thing that you look forward to, every day.  
            Umm, honestly I look forward to studies a lot of days, because I'm growing to appreciate studying                 more :) 

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