Monday, October 26, 2015

Q&A - Week 9

1.  What is your least favorite 'chore' to do now that you're away from home?  Most favorite? 
Dishes. Definitely. And most favorite is probably laundry, just because I like taking the clothes out when they're nice and warm :)

2.  What time do you usually start your day?   What time do you end your day?
6:30 we wake up every day. Then eat and work out etc. until 8 when we start studies.  We have to be in by 10:30 every night. 
3.  Have you had a chance to work or associate with any youth (ward, seminary, etc) in your area?  If so, doing what?
Umm, not so much yet. But we are trying to organize splits with the priests! 

4.  What was your greatest obstacle this week?  Greatest blessing?
The greatest obstacle was definitely just overcoming the homesickness. I just felt really homesick this week, for lots of different reasons. But the greatest blessing was Heavenly Father helping me through all of it. He truly helps me every time I need anything. 

5.  What do you do after dinner, when you eat at a members house (share a message, FHE,  etc)?                                  
We share a message, and try to center it on missionary work, and asking them if they have any ideas at all of people we could teach. 

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