Monday, October 26, 2015

Daily Notes - Week 9

I had an awesome, very needed P-Day today. We didn't really get to play any sports, because it was transfer day, but we definitely had fun and got to unwind a little bit. It was great. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's nice seeing the new missionaries come in. I guess it just helps me feel better because I realize they are all having a hard time too, so that makes me feel less, alone I guess...? If you know what I mean :) but today was awesome! It is always so relieving to be able to talk to family again :)

Well, we had a super duper cool day! We just had a regular day for most of it, then after dinner, we went to the J's house to go over the baptismal interview questions, and then they will be interviewed soon! But their baptism date got moved to the 7th of November, because her husband will be home for sure by that time :) then we went tracting because our other appointment canceled, and we found two sisters, who are very interested in family history work!!! They both said they've been trying to find ways to do it, and we told them that we are that place! So we are going to get the family history Rep. from our ward, and go help them out! It's going to be awesome! :) hopefully they'll continue to let us teach them also! :) 

We had another sweet day! What's new, right? ;) just kidding. But we did have the opportunity on Sunday to meet someone who was excommunicated, but wants to become a member again. So we are working with the bishop to help him come back. He has a very strong testimony still, and he is really awesome. And we just had a busy day, and busy days are always good! They keep you from letting your mind wander :) 

Today was great! :) we have the opportunity to go to Goodwill every Thursday now, and do service there for two hours! Goodwill is basically the Deseret Industries, but not owned by the church. But it's great to be able to help out there! And we also got to meet with David who's getting baptized on the 14th! He is slowly but surely making his way there! We are so excited for him! :) everything else today was pretty normal! Haha! As normal as missionary life gets ;) busy, and exhausting ;) 

We had an extremely long day. We had a service project this morning, that was supposed to be an hour, and it took 5 hours. So that was... Fun...? ;) and Elder Duce hit his shin on the uhaul truck hitch... Ouch. And we got word that the jones family wants to hold off on being baptized... it was very sad. They don't doubt anything, or anything negative like that. They just felt like they wanted to learn more all of a sudden. So it will work out, because they definitely still know it's true. Then we also have sacrifice Saturday tomorrow, which is the all day fasting-finding day :) our zone started it, but tomorrow the whole mission is doing it. So it is going to be quite the experience for everyone :) Heavenly Father loves us, and everyone here so much. And He shows us every day as missionaries :) 

Sacrifice Saturday, would be more accurate actually ;) 

So today, we did another all day fast, starting at 8 last night, then ending at 8 today, after we traced all day. Elder Duce and I had seemingly no success at ALL, all day, until around 5. Then we finally came to this neighborhood, and we both just felt right about being there. It was a super great feeling. And then we met a few people who were definitely the most solid contacts of the day. So that was super awesome :) and elder Duce's shin injury, caused him absolutely NO PAIN today. So the power of the priesthood is real, because since his blessing last night, he has felt nothing on his shin. And it was a pretty bad injury. So that was amazing :) but we just had a super solid day! :) 

Sunday today was super awesome! We had the opportunity to hear from Pres. Teshima, our stake president. He talked about Joseph Smith's experience in bringing forth the Book of Mormon, and it was so insane. There were so many more, little things that he had to suffer through during the process than we normally hear of. He had to run over 20 miles in one night to get somewhere by morning. He had so many times where he had to travel with Emma, and they had to give up nearly everything they had. It was just touching to realize that there was more he suffered through than I had normally heard, and he was still so willing to do it. We also had the primary program in church today, and all those little kids have amazing spirits :) I love the primary program :) and that was mostly it today. 

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