Monday, October 19, 2015

Q&A - Week 8

1.  Which topic of gospel study has had the biggest impact on you this week?

Prayer for sure. It was such a cool subject this week. We studied it a lot, and had a lot of experiences with it. We learned how it is so important to not say rote, repetitive prayers, and to really pray each day. Give it a try :) it'll change something for the better. I promise :) 

2.  What is one habit or trait that you think is important for a missionary to possess?

Definitely Patience. I have been realizing how much patience I need as a missionary. We have to be patient with our investigators when they don't keep commitments, and just be patient with myself, to try and stop things I do, like have selfish thoughts, and things like that. It's hard. But I'm getting better :)

3.  Name one act of kindness you witnessed this week.  (Either one you saw, or one you did).

Elder Palmer did lots of pretty amazing things this week. He spent time just talking to Elder Duce, because he needed it. Just little things like that, and Elder Palmer helped anyone who needed it :) 

4.   What is something you've learned about missionary work, that you didn't know before?

Um, it's more of a spiritual challenge than I thought it would be. I know, I don't really know why I thought the spiritual part of it would be easier than it really is, but I did. It's really hard being here, and trying to stay focused on spiritual things. The whole environment of Vegas is just not a spiritual place. So it's hard to stay focused on the spiritual side of things, and not let things distract you very much. 

5.  What is the strangest (funniest, weirdest, etc)  thing you saw this week?  :)

This sign. It was actually a few weeks ago, but I saw it in my pictures and laughed. Haha!

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