Monday, October 12, 2015

Q&A - Week 7

1.  Name something that made you smile this week.
I went on exchanges with Elder Palmer this week, and he has a Daffy Duck voice that is flipping hilarious. Haha!

2.  Tell us one thing that you have seen or done, that has strengthened your testimony this week.
Umm, it would definitely have to be the power of prayer and faith combined. There was many instances in the past few weeks we have prayed and prayed for people to find to teach, and this week we came in contact with several people, whether they were investigators, or really less active members, it doesn't matter, because we're going to try our best to help them come closer to Heavenly Father! 

3.  What is one thing you like about the area you are serving in?  And dislike?
I absolutely love how we have dinner with members every night, because we can get to know our members, and find people who would be good to fellowship our investigators, or just be friends for others. It's super cool meeting all the members too!   And something that I dislike is probably all the wealthier, gated communities that we can't go knock doors in.  

4.  Have you been using a car this week?  If so, how has it affected your schedule or routine each day?
We have been, yes! And it's really nice to not have to plan in biking time, but it also makes us more busy! So it's really nice to not be biking, but it's a little more stressful almost because we have a lot more time to plan in. 
5.  What is your favorite scripture from your studies this week?  
Helaman 10:1-5. Elder Palmer shared it with me on Saturday, and he talked about how much it meant to him the first few weeks he was on his mission. I really love it! I love the promises that are in it, for trying your hardest to work for Heavenly Father. 

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