Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pictures from Week Six

Sort of like his weekly Q&A - I decided to send Gavin a list of 5 things to take a picture of each week.  Here is his list from this week:

1. A Sunset

2. A picture of a place where you like to eat.

(This is a picture of his entire Zone, eating a Biaggi's Pizzeria - a members restaurant.)

3.  A picture of you and your companion on your bikes.  

4.  A picture of something that says "Las Vegas" 

*This is Elder Duce's Keychain.  Gavin pointed out that Elder Duce loves The Incredible Hulk - hence the large fist on the keychain.  :)

5.  A picture of your clean apartment.   
     (He couldn't send this one because he explained that they didn't actually KEEP their apartment clean after they cleaned it last week.  Haha! - so instead he sent a picture of the rainstorm they had in Vegas on Monday!  He said it was AWESOME!  And that all the streets were like rivers.  His companion said 'Whoever said it doesn't rain in Las Vegas.....they LIED!')   :)

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