Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Elder Holt's Notes from General Conference

These are really simple, but I tried to just write things I liked. :) 

General conference notes 
Pres. Uchtdorf:
Do we make our discipleship too complicated?
Simplify! Start where you are. You can't get to where you want to be
if you don't start where you are. 

M. Russell Ballard:
Remember that sacrament meeting is the Lord's.
All will desire to come partake of the sacrament when they feel the
spirit of the

Richard G. Mayne:
Potter's wheel. The clay must be perfectly centered, not just what
seems to be centered. If the clay isn't centered perfectly, the pot
will not turn out. 

Neil's F. Marriot:
"It will all work out" doesn't refer to immediate, or present times.
But our hope for the eternal blessings Heavenly Father gives to us.
In time and by degrees we receive His happiness.
Heart lesson in mission prep before I came here. Where is my heart
now? Each day? When I wake up?
If we earnestly appeal to God, he takes us as we are.

Larry R. Lawrence:
If we are humble and teachable, He will take us by the hand and lead us home.
We can often be humbled enough to ask of Heavenly Father, but we don't
always have the faith to act on the answers we receive.
Find the humility and faith to ask what we need to work on next. Then
no matter what the answer is, listen to it.
"What lack I yet?" Or "what is keeping me from progressing?"
Ask what we are doing right, not just what we do wrong. 

Francisco Viñas:
It is important to understand that getting rid of guilt brings real
and true joy.
Vanities of the world: arriving without preparing ourselves to partake
of the bread and water on the sabbath day. 

Quentin L. Cook:
Satan says we have to pick happiness and pleasure NOW. Satan's way is
always easier, but you always feel bad afterwards. The Lord's way is
always harder, but you always feel good after.
Alma 34:32
3 things that emphasize righteousness
1- self control in righteous conduct
2- honoring the sabbath will increase righteousness in the family.
3- divine protections are provided when we are righteous.
Living worthy of temples will hold together all that matters

Afternoon session 
Jeffrey R. Holland:
No love in mortality comes closer in approaching the savior's love
than a devoted mother loves her child. 

 Vern P. Standfill
No darkness so dense, so difficult, and so dark that it can't be
penetrated by light.
James B. Martina
Laman and Lemuel's attitude was "we've tried! What more can we do?"
That's the difference between them and Nephi. 

Priesthood Session: 

Neil L. Anderson:
The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice. Collision symbol
Faith CANNOT come by chance.
Keep gaining a testimony of the simple truths of the Gospel.
Fear not. The future is as bright as your faith. -

Thomas S. Monson
Faith is a choice. Choose faith over anything else. 

 Randall K. Bennett
How many of you desire to live with Heavenly Father again? How many of
you think you'll succeed?
Spiritually speaking, we need to do what children do. Jesus said
become as a little child.
The Lord more than matches our willingness to make an act of faith.
Whenever we willingly take a step, especially an uncomfortable step,
Heavenly Father blesses us with strength.
with devoted sabbath day observance, the fullness of the earth will be ours.
We must counter the natural man's tendency to give up, complain, or be weak.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Are we like Daniel? Do our daily actions reflect what we claim to believe?
We have been given much. Let us not take these things lightly.
How much easier would it have been for Daniel to just absorb the ways
of Babylon?
Open our eyes to God's Wonders, and we will see so much more.
We can choose to believe! 

 Henry B. Eyring
The Lord is in the the work with me.
It is the Lord who touches the hearts of those I find. It's the Lord
who helps people.
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"

Thomas S. Monson
Simple and straightforward: keep the commandments.
The choices I make here and now are forever important.
Ether 12:27
Isaiah 32:17
When firmly planted, our testimony will influence all that we do.

Sunday Morning Session-

Gary E. Stevenson 
Ronald Rasband 

Sunday Afternoon Session 

Devin G. Durrant
"Ponderizing" Collision symbol 

Von G. Keetch
Don't be too critical of that barrier. It's the only thing that's
preventing you from being devoured. 

Carole M. Stephens
"Feed My Sheep" Jeffrey R. Holland
If ye LOVE me, keep my commandments.
He shows He loves us by giving us the commandments, and we show we
love Him by obedience to them. 

Allen D. Haynie
What matters most - Pres. Uchtdorf
Remember who stands between us, and justice. STUDY JUSTICE 

Kim B. Clark
We do not need to be perfect. But we need to be good at getting better.
"Don't you know, that I know?" (Heavenly Father) 

Koichi Aoyagi
The test is not to see if we can endure trials, it is to see how well
we endure them. 

David A. BednarCollision symbol
When you can no longer do what you've always done, you must do what
matters most.

 **The things with the emoji's on them are the ones I want to really focus on!

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