Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daily Notes - Week 8

During P-Day today, I felt pretty homesick. But it was a pretty good day otherwise! We got to have a bi-zone activity with the Red Rock zone, and they are tons of fun! We played football, and we also played zombie tag on the playground, which is where you have to stay on the playground, and if you get tagged, then you're it with the original person who was it. It was super fun! I'm surprised nobody got hurt though! Haha! But it was a really good day of emailing home, and just unwinding. So that's good! 

We had an awesome awesome training today. It was "super duper" good. (Quote from Aidan Baller) ;) but seriously, we focused so much on the fundamentals we learned a lot about in the MTC actually. So it was really cool to see how much the mission presidency and the AP's think
we need to focus on the fundamentals in order to achieve our mission goals. 

We had such a strong, powerful lesson today with "S". We all felt the spirit so strongly, but he still didn't want to commit to baptism. So I guess he just needs time. But our lesson was SO strong. One of the strongest spiritual moments of my life. It was great :) and other than that, we just had a regular day! Tried to visit others, and see how we can help them :)

Another super great day again! We mainly had two amazing lessons, and they were with K and D! D committed to being baptized!!!!!! :D it was super great! He was very unsure about it, but we assured him that he would be ready by the day we set. And with K, she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon, and so we didn't teach what we had planned, and just read the Book of Mormon with her, and had a strong lesson about that. It was such an awesome day! :) 

We had such an awesome day planned today, but all of our lessons fell through :( so that was definitely a bummer. But we had a good time tracting and finding! We found one kid named J and he has an aunt in our ward! So we are gonna go teach him Sunday! He seems very interested, he just never got around to learning about the church. 

We had a marvelous day today. Marvelous!!!!! We set L and M Jones with baptismal dates!!!!! It was super amazing!!! :) they are both so excited. And we haven't talked with them in a while, so it was so good to be able to talk to them today. I was worried about them. But they're totally being strong, and keeping up their daily prayers and everything. I'm so excited for them :) then we also taught three more lessons today! It was fantastic! 

We had a crazy Sunday. So many people are just coming back to church who are less active, and one guy was excommunicated and wants to come back. It was just amazing to see these people coming back to the church on their own will, and doing it because they know it's right.
We get to help them too! That's the coolest part! This week has been very difficult. But it's been amazing to see how happy the Gospel makes people. I love being here! I can't wait to keep
on keeping on!

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