Monday, October 26, 2015

Email from Elder Holt - Week 9

Hello hello everyone! :) 

Today is my two month mark! :) I can't believe it's been two months already! It's flying by. It's absolutely crazy haha! But I love it!!! I love teaching the people here! They are all so amazing, and have some amazing stories. We had one guy come to church, who has been in our ward, but he is an excommunicated member of the church, and he wants to join again. He has a super inspiring story, and it's really, really cool to work with the bishop and help bring him back. He still
has such a strong testimony. Our ward mission leader likes to call the less actives we work with, "distracted members" instead of less active. Because that's really all they are. It's not that they are
bad, or anything like that. It's just that they need to refocus, and that's our job as missionaries, as well as finding new people :) it's super amazing :) I love it!

We had a pretty busy week though. It was full of lessons, and visiting potential investigators. We have a HUGE potential list, from referrals from Temple Square in salt lake, and from So we try and contact them, and hopefully teach them! It's a really cool process! Some of the people we teach end up coming from a temple square referral, and it's really cool to see how interested people are, just from seeing the temple in Salt Lake.

We also got to watch the primary program Sunday! :) all the little kids testimonies are so simple, and true. I love it. It reminded me to keep my testimony focused, and based on simple things. You can always build your foundation. Pres. Eyring talked about that in conference :) But that was mostly it for this week! I hope everything is going well at home! Love and miss all of you! :) I'll talk to you soon! :)

 -Elder Holt

A frog we found after dinner at a country club!

Q&A - Week 9

1.  What is your least favorite 'chore' to do now that you're away from home?  Most favorite? 
Dishes. Definitely. And most favorite is probably laundry, just because I like taking the clothes out when they're nice and warm :)

2.  What time do you usually start your day?   What time do you end your day?
6:30 we wake up every day. Then eat and work out etc. until 8 when we start studies.  We have to be in by 10:30 every night. 
3.  Have you had a chance to work or associate with any youth (ward, seminary, etc) in your area?  If so, doing what?
Umm, not so much yet. But we are trying to organize splits with the priests! 

4.  What was your greatest obstacle this week?  Greatest blessing?
The greatest obstacle was definitely just overcoming the homesickness. I just felt really homesick this week, for lots of different reasons. But the greatest blessing was Heavenly Father helping me through all of it. He truly helps me every time I need anything. 

5.  What do you do after dinner, when you eat at a members house (share a message, FHE,  etc)?                                  
We share a message, and try to center it on missionary work, and asking them if they have any ideas at all of people we could teach. 

Daily Notes - Week 9

I had an awesome, very needed P-Day today. We didn't really get to play any sports, because it was transfer day, but we definitely had fun and got to unwind a little bit. It was great. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's nice seeing the new missionaries come in. I guess it just helps me feel better because I realize they are all having a hard time too, so that makes me feel less, alone I guess...? If you know what I mean :) but today was awesome! It is always so relieving to be able to talk to family again :)

Well, we had a super duper cool day! We just had a regular day for most of it, then after dinner, we went to the J's house to go over the baptismal interview questions, and then they will be interviewed soon! But their baptism date got moved to the 7th of November, because her husband will be home for sure by that time :) then we went tracting because our other appointment canceled, and we found two sisters, who are very interested in family history work!!! They both said they've been trying to find ways to do it, and we told them that we are that place! So we are going to get the family history Rep. from our ward, and go help them out! It's going to be awesome! :) hopefully they'll continue to let us teach them also! :) 

We had another sweet day! What's new, right? ;) just kidding. But we did have the opportunity on Sunday to meet someone who was excommunicated, but wants to become a member again. So we are working with the bishop to help him come back. He has a very strong testimony still, and he is really awesome. And we just had a busy day, and busy days are always good! They keep you from letting your mind wander :) 

Today was great! :) we have the opportunity to go to Goodwill every Thursday now, and do service there for two hours! Goodwill is basically the Deseret Industries, but not owned by the church. But it's great to be able to help out there! And we also got to meet with David who's getting baptized on the 14th! He is slowly but surely making his way there! We are so excited for him! :) everything else today was pretty normal! Haha! As normal as missionary life gets ;) busy, and exhausting ;) 

We had an extremely long day. We had a service project this morning, that was supposed to be an hour, and it took 5 hours. So that was... Fun...? ;) and Elder Duce hit his shin on the uhaul truck hitch... Ouch. And we got word that the jones family wants to hold off on being baptized... it was very sad. They don't doubt anything, or anything negative like that. They just felt like they wanted to learn more all of a sudden. So it will work out, because they definitely still know it's true. Then we also have sacrifice Saturday tomorrow, which is the all day fasting-finding day :) our zone started it, but tomorrow the whole mission is doing it. So it is going to be quite the experience for everyone :) Heavenly Father loves us, and everyone here so much. And He shows us every day as missionaries :) 

Sacrifice Saturday, would be more accurate actually ;) 

So today, we did another all day fast, starting at 8 last night, then ending at 8 today, after we traced all day. Elder Duce and I had seemingly no success at ALL, all day, until around 5. Then we finally came to this neighborhood, and we both just felt right about being there. It was a super great feeling. And then we met a few people who were definitely the most solid contacts of the day. So that was super awesome :) and elder Duce's shin injury, caused him absolutely NO PAIN today. So the power of the priesthood is real, because since his blessing last night, he has felt nothing on his shin. And it was a pretty bad injury. So that was amazing :) but we just had a super solid day! :) 

Sunday today was super awesome! We had the opportunity to hear from Pres. Teshima, our stake president. He talked about Joseph Smith's experience in bringing forth the Book of Mormon, and it was so insane. There were so many more, little things that he had to suffer through during the process than we normally hear of. He had to run over 20 miles in one night to get somewhere by morning. He had so many times where he had to travel with Emma, and they had to give up nearly everything they had. It was just touching to realize that there was more he suffered through than I had normally heard, and he was still so willing to do it. We also had the primary program in church today, and all those little kids have amazing spirits :) I love the primary program :) and that was mostly it today. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pictures - Week 8

We finally have a car!   And other than a flat tire last week, it's been awesome! 

A selfie, (at my moms request) of Elder Duce and I.  

Tie swap!   Elder Palmer (my Zone Leader and I), decided to swap ties this week!  
A new tie is pretty much the hightlight for any missionary.   :)

We've had some pretty strange weather in Vegas lately.  LOTS of rain!

Doing service at the Good Will (Like the D.I.) with my District!

Daily Notes - Week 8

During P-Day today, I felt pretty homesick. But it was a pretty good day otherwise! We got to have a bi-zone activity with the Red Rock zone, and they are tons of fun! We played football, and we also played zombie tag on the playground, which is where you have to stay on the playground, and if you get tagged, then you're it with the original person who was it. It was super fun! I'm surprised nobody got hurt though! Haha! But it was a really good day of emailing home, and just unwinding. So that's good! 

We had an awesome awesome training today. It was "super duper" good. (Quote from Aidan Baller) ;) but seriously, we focused so much on the fundamentals we learned a lot about in the MTC actually. So it was really cool to see how much the mission presidency and the AP's think
we need to focus on the fundamentals in order to achieve our mission goals. 

We had such a strong, powerful lesson today with "S". We all felt the spirit so strongly, but he still didn't want to commit to baptism. So I guess he just needs time. But our lesson was SO strong. One of the strongest spiritual moments of my life. It was great :) and other than that, we just had a regular day! Tried to visit others, and see how we can help them :)

Another super great day again! We mainly had two amazing lessons, and they were with K and D! D committed to being baptized!!!!!! :D it was super great! He was very unsure about it, but we assured him that he would be ready by the day we set. And with K, she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon, and so we didn't teach what we had planned, and just read the Book of Mormon with her, and had a strong lesson about that. It was such an awesome day! :) 

We had such an awesome day planned today, but all of our lessons fell through :( so that was definitely a bummer. But we had a good time tracting and finding! We found one kid named J and he has an aunt in our ward! So we are gonna go teach him Sunday! He seems very interested, he just never got around to learning about the church. 

We had a marvelous day today. Marvelous!!!!! We set L and M Jones with baptismal dates!!!!! It was super amazing!!! :) they are both so excited. And we haven't talked with them in a while, so it was so good to be able to talk to them today. I was worried about them. But they're totally being strong, and keeping up their daily prayers and everything. I'm so excited for them :) then we also taught three more lessons today! It was fantastic! 

We had a crazy Sunday. So many people are just coming back to church who are less active, and one guy was excommunicated and wants to come back. It was just amazing to see these people coming back to the church on their own will, and doing it because they know it's right.
We get to help them too! That's the coolest part! This week has been very difficult. But it's been amazing to see how happy the Gospel makes people. I love being here! I can't wait to keep
on keeping on!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Email from Elder Holt - Week 8

Hey all! :)

Howdy Ho everyone! This week was an absolutely crazy week. We have three baptismal dates set!!!! :) we have "D" set for the 14th of November, and L and M Jones set for the 30th of October :)  ahhhh! I'm so excited for all of them!! I'm so grateful they all committed to being baptized, and are still working towards it. It's so great!
We also had more lessons taught this week than we have been in weeks past! We have been trying to be more exactly obedient, and it seems to be helping our work. It's super awesome! We just try and make sure we are following all the little rules, that don't seem so significant.
But I think Heavenly Father is blessing us as we are trying to follow our rules more exactly :)
We had tons of fun this week too! It poured and poured and poured here on Monday. We got over half of Vegas' average rainfall in one day. It was so fun. Haha! We probably shouldn't have been driving, but we had to drive around to get to our appointments at the end of the day. It
was insane. But it was very fun! Haha! Transfers are today too, but I am staying here with Elder Duce! We are getting a new guy in our apartment though, so we'll see how that turns out ;)
I learned so many different lessons this week. I talked about Prayer in the Q&A already, so I'll talk about ward missionary work. I have noticed in this ward, how involved they are with the full time
missionaries. Nearly everyone in the ward is more than willing to help us as missionaries and it's awesome. We have meals with members pretty much every single night. And we nearly always have our ward mission leader, or other ward missionaries at our lessons to fellowship those
we are teaching. I love it! It's so helpful to us, and it helps those we are teaching even more because they get to know people in their ward. It's just remarkable to see the ward be so willing to help us.
We had two very less active families just randomly show up to church today, and want us to help them get back into the swing of things. So many different things have showed me the miracles that Heavenly Father gives us this week.
I'm so grateful for the things I'm learning here, and for the opportunity I have to be here. I'm grateful for the other missionaries here, and for what they teach me. I love being here, and helping
people every single day. I have seriously learned so much. It's amazing :) I love you all! Thanks for your examples! See you all soon!

Elder Holt :)

Q&A - Week 8

1.  Which topic of gospel study has had the biggest impact on you this week?

Prayer for sure. It was such a cool subject this week. We studied it a lot, and had a lot of experiences with it. We learned how it is so important to not say rote, repetitive prayers, and to really pray each day. Give it a try :) it'll change something for the better. I promise :) 

2.  What is one habit or trait that you think is important for a missionary to possess?

Definitely Patience. I have been realizing how much patience I need as a missionary. We have to be patient with our investigators when they don't keep commitments, and just be patient with myself, to try and stop things I do, like have selfish thoughts, and things like that. It's hard. But I'm getting better :)

3.  Name one act of kindness you witnessed this week.  (Either one you saw, or one you did).

Elder Palmer did lots of pretty amazing things this week. He spent time just talking to Elder Duce, because he needed it. Just little things like that, and Elder Palmer helped anyone who needed it :) 

4.   What is something you've learned about missionary work, that you didn't know before?

Um, it's more of a spiritual challenge than I thought it would be. I know, I don't really know why I thought the spiritual part of it would be easier than it really is, but I did. It's really hard being here, and trying to stay focused on spiritual things. The whole environment of Vegas is just not a spiritual place. So it's hard to stay focused on the spiritual side of things, and not let things distract you very much. 

5.  What is the strangest (funniest, weirdest, etc)  thing you saw this week?  :)

This sign. It was actually a few weeks ago, but I saw it in my pictures and laughed. Haha!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 7 - Daily Notes

P-Day was fabulous! We went on an awesome hike today! And it rained a lot! Gah! It was such an awesome day! I loved hearing from my family how much they loved conference! It was such a good conference! But the hike today was so beautiful! Way up above the Vegas Valley :) it was awesome! And there were waterfalls from the rain! It was such greatness :) and we got a car!!! Wowza you have no idea how happy that made Elder Duce and I :) 

(Note from MOM:  Elder Holt failed to mention in the notes today, that during the hike, he fell in the water, resulting in a bacterial infection that manifested as a rash all over his body, by Thursday night.  NO FUN - although he said they did have some good laughs about it, so that's something!!)

I went on exchanges with Elder Claypool today, and it was so nice to have a car! I am so sore from our hike yesterday. I went all the way up with some other elders, then came back down, and went back up with the second group. But it was worth it :) we had a pretty swell day though! We taught "S", and elder Claypool had some cool things to point out to him. So hopefully he keeps reading and progressing! Other than that, it was just some potential investigator visits, but nothing super extraordinary. It was a fun day though :)

Well, today I woke up with a pretty bad headache. And it stayed most of the day :/ oh well. It coulda been worse :) but we got to teach the "J" family about temples, and it was really special for them to learn about it. So that was super awesome! And their dad will be back around Halloween so M jr. can get baptized!!!! :D it's super exciting! But we went out to our car, and the tire was completely flat.... So we drove really slowly to a gas station, and the air pump was stolen... So then we went to another one, and that air pump was out of order... *sigh* so we put on the spare finally. But now we realized there is a metal piece in the tire, so we'll have to take the car to the shop. Heavenly Father wants us on bike ;) Then on Wednesdays, we usually go out with our high priest group and go on a "rescue night" where we go and find people on our unknown lists, and potential home teachers, and stuff like that. It's really cool to work with the high priests! Then we ended our day with Italian ice :) 

 We had a really long day today. But it was pretty productive! We met a lady who called us randomly and we met with her, and her family is kind of falling apart. But she totally committed to be baptized because she has such a strong testimony that God can help her through everything. So that was awesome! Then we found a VERY less active lady, who completely wants to change her life around. It's super amazing. I can't wait to see both of them progress! 

We had STNMT today, which is the new missionary training. So that was pretty good! I learned a few things I need to improve on, like being on time for studies, and trying to not "murmur" in my head as much. Like, just stop having negative thoughts I guess :) But then we also had interviews with President Ahlander! We had a good talk, and he helped me just unwind, I guess. It was good to finally get the opportunity to know my Mission President though :) haha! But that's pretty much all we did today, but it was a great day! 

I got the opportunity to go on exchanges with our zone leader, Elder Palmer, today! It was a lot of fun! He has been out almost 18 months now. It's crazy! But he is a really cool guy, and I learned a lot! We had some pretty cool experiences! But mostly he taught me some important things, which was just focusing on why I am out here, and why it's important to constantly act on our spiritual promptings. 

We had an awesome Sabbath Day! The speakers all spoke on the things they learned from conference. It was really good! I really want to go back and read all the talks again, because there is seriously so much we can learn from them. But the rest of the day was pretty normal, we tried to visit people we found while tracting, but not much luck. But it was a busy day, so it was good :) 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Q&A - Week 7

1.  Name something that made you smile this week.
I went on exchanges with Elder Palmer this week, and he has a Daffy Duck voice that is flipping hilarious. Haha!

2.  Tell us one thing that you have seen or done, that has strengthened your testimony this week.
Umm, it would definitely have to be the power of prayer and faith combined. There was many instances in the past few weeks we have prayed and prayed for people to find to teach, and this week we came in contact with several people, whether they were investigators, or really less active members, it doesn't matter, because we're going to try our best to help them come closer to Heavenly Father! 

3.  What is one thing you like about the area you are serving in?  And dislike?
I absolutely love how we have dinner with members every night, because we can get to know our members, and find people who would be good to fellowship our investigators, or just be friends for others. It's super cool meeting all the members too!   And something that I dislike is probably all the wealthier, gated communities that we can't go knock doors in.  

4.  Have you been using a car this week?  If so, how has it affected your schedule or routine each day?
We have been, yes! And it's really nice to not have to plan in biking time, but it also makes us more busy! So it's really nice to not be biking, but it's a little more stressful almost because we have a lot more time to plan in. 
5.  What is your favorite scripture from your studies this week?  
Helaman 10:1-5. Elder Palmer shared it with me on Saturday, and he talked about how much it meant to him the first few weeks he was on his mission. I really love it! I love the promises that are in it, for trying your hardest to work for Heavenly Father. 

Week 7 - Email from Elder Holt

We had such a busy week! I hardly had any time this week, to kind of sit and think. I think it's because we had our new missionary training, and then our interviews with President Ahlander. But I went on exchanges twice this week, once with our district leader, Elder Claypool, and once with one of our zone leaders, Elder Palmer. They are both awesome missionaries, and I learned a lot from them! With Elder Palmer, I learned mostly that I need to learn how to take my mission a day at a time. 

There were a few times this week, where I'm still not quite sure why, but I suddenly felt super super homesick. And I have been trying to get rid of that, but it's really hard. So I spent a lot of time on my knees this week, praying for comfort and strength. So hopefully that comes soon. I know it will, I'd just prefer it to be sooner than later!   ;)   

But it was really cool to see how general conference impacted our investigators. They all loved it! I'm super super excited for Halloween now, because the "J" family said their father would be home for a while then, so we are going to find which day works best for their baptisms!! :D it's super exciting! Then we had one of our other investigators, "K", come to church with her two boys, ages 9 and 7,  and they texted us back after church, and they said they absolutely loved it! So that is great! I hope that she continues to pray and read! We saw lots of tiny miracles all week, which was super cool. I really treasure those moments, because they give me comfort, and the willpower to continue on! 

I'm super grateful for the opportunity to be out here, and helping the people here! It's definitely hard, and really discouraging sometimes, but there are other times where I just feel so happy for the people here, and I love that! 

I hope you are all doing well! Love and miss you all! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Elder Holt's Notes from General Conference

These are really simple, but I tried to just write things I liked. :) 

General conference notes 
Pres. Uchtdorf:
Do we make our discipleship too complicated?
Simplify! Start where you are. You can't get to where you want to be
if you don't start where you are. 

M. Russell Ballard:
Remember that sacrament meeting is the Lord's.
All will desire to come partake of the sacrament when they feel the
spirit of the

Richard G. Mayne:
Potter's wheel. The clay must be perfectly centered, not just what
seems to be centered. If the clay isn't centered perfectly, the pot
will not turn out. 

Neil's F. Marriot:
"It will all work out" doesn't refer to immediate, or present times.
But our hope for the eternal blessings Heavenly Father gives to us.
In time and by degrees we receive His happiness.
Heart lesson in mission prep before I came here. Where is my heart
now? Each day? When I wake up?
If we earnestly appeal to God, he takes us as we are.

Larry R. Lawrence:
If we are humble and teachable, He will take us by the hand and lead us home.
We can often be humbled enough to ask of Heavenly Father, but we don't
always have the faith to act on the answers we receive.
Find the humility and faith to ask what we need to work on next. Then
no matter what the answer is, listen to it.
"What lack I yet?" Or "what is keeping me from progressing?"
Ask what we are doing right, not just what we do wrong. 

Francisco ViƱas:
It is important to understand that getting rid of guilt brings real
and true joy.
Vanities of the world: arriving without preparing ourselves to partake
of the bread and water on the sabbath day. 

Quentin L. Cook:
Satan says we have to pick happiness and pleasure NOW. Satan's way is
always easier, but you always feel bad afterwards. The Lord's way is
always harder, but you always feel good after.
Alma 34:32
3 things that emphasize righteousness
1- self control in righteous conduct
2- honoring the sabbath will increase righteousness in the family.
3- divine protections are provided when we are righteous.
Living worthy of temples will hold together all that matters

Afternoon session 
Jeffrey R. Holland:
No love in mortality comes closer in approaching the savior's love
than a devoted mother loves her child. 

 Vern P. Standfill
No darkness so dense, so difficult, and so dark that it can't be
penetrated by light.
James B. Martina
Laman and Lemuel's attitude was "we've tried! What more can we do?"
That's the difference between them and Nephi. 

Priesthood Session: 

Neil L. Anderson:
The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice. Collision symbol
Faith CANNOT come by chance.
Keep gaining a testimony of the simple truths of the Gospel.
Fear not. The future is as bright as your faith. -

Thomas S. Monson
Faith is a choice. Choose faith over anything else. 

 Randall K. Bennett
How many of you desire to live with Heavenly Father again? How many of
you think you'll succeed?
Spiritually speaking, we need to do what children do. Jesus said
become as a little child.
The Lord more than matches our willingness to make an act of faith.
Whenever we willingly take a step, especially an uncomfortable step,
Heavenly Father blesses us with strength.
with devoted sabbath day observance, the fullness of the earth will be ours.
We must counter the natural man's tendency to give up, complain, or be weak.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Are we like Daniel? Do our daily actions reflect what we claim to believe?
We have been given much. Let us not take these things lightly.
How much easier would it have been for Daniel to just absorb the ways
of Babylon?
Open our eyes to God's Wonders, and we will see so much more.
We can choose to believe! 

 Henry B. Eyring
The Lord is in the the work with me.
It is the Lord who touches the hearts of those I find. It's the Lord
who helps people.
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"

Thomas S. Monson
Simple and straightforward: keep the commandments.
The choices I make here and now are forever important.
Ether 12:27
Isaiah 32:17
When firmly planted, our testimony will influence all that we do.

Sunday Morning Session-

Gary E. Stevenson 
Ronald Rasband 

Sunday Afternoon Session 

Devin G. Durrant
"Ponderizing" Collision symbol 

Von G. Keetch
Don't be too critical of that barrier. It's the only thing that's
preventing you from being devoured. 

Carole M. Stephens
"Feed My Sheep" Jeffrey R. Holland
If ye LOVE me, keep my commandments.
He shows He loves us by giving us the commandments, and we show we
love Him by obedience to them. 

Allen D. Haynie
What matters most - Pres. Uchtdorf
Remember who stands between us, and justice. STUDY JUSTICE 

Kim B. Clark
We do not need to be perfect. But we need to be good at getting better.
"Don't you know, that I know?" (Heavenly Father) 

Koichi Aoyagi
The test is not to see if we can endure trials, it is to see how well
we endure them. 

David A. BednarCollision symbol
When you can no longer do what you've always done, you must do what
matters most.

 **The things with the emoji's on them are the ones I want to really focus on!

Week Six - Email from Elder Holt

This week has been super super awesome! I can't believe that I've
almost been out 40 days! Crazy stuff! :) but we had such an amazing
week! We finally saw the "J" family again because we watched
conference at their house on Saturday afternoon! They took a trip to
California! But yeah, we watched conference with them, and it was
great! Sis. J really liked Elder Holland's talk about mothers for
obvious reasons ;) we also watched conference at Bro. Yamagata's house
that morning. It was awesome. Then we had priesthood session, and
bishop drove us to that! Then Sunday morning we watched conference at
our new investigator "K"'s house! We had our first lesson with her on
Friday and she committed to being baptized!!! It was so exciting, and
I'm so excited to see her keep progressing! Then Sunday afternoon we
watched conference at Bishop's house with "E"! was such a
good week! We taught more lessons, we found new people to teach, and
just talked to so many people. It's so amazing :)
Conference was so great! I loved so many talks, but I think my
favorite was Larry E. Lawrence's talk. I loved the "what lack I yet?"
idea. I really want to try and find out what I need to improve on,
then do it! So I'm going to try and do that more this week! The entire
conference was so great though! I loved hearing from the three new
apostles! They seem super awesome! I already can't wait to hear from
them some more!

I'm doing really well out here though! I'm learning a ton, and I can't
wait to continue to learn and teach more!! I'm so grateful that I have
this opportunity to be out here serving our Heavenly Father :) I can't
wait to keep on keeping on! That's what some minister elder Duce and I
found this week told us. He really appreciates what we're doing. So
that was a cool experience too!

So yeah, that's my week! I hope all of you had a great week as well! I
love you all! :) I'll talk to you soon!

Here's my Daily notes:

Pday was great! We did a lot today! But when we got home from the
church, our back patio door was open.... And all the drawers and
cupboards were open in the kitchen and our rooms. So that is kinda
sketchy. But I hope we'll be okay. I'm sure we will be :) Heavenly
Father will watch over us. But we had a good day :) lots of fun. It's
always good to email home :) 

We had a great district meeting today! We emphasized teaching simply
as the savior does, and it was really eye-opening. I really want to
try and do that more. Because as the Savior taught, the people He
taught were able to understand and were more willing to keep
commitments if they understand what is being taught. And when you
teach simple truths, the Spirit is always there. Other than that, we
didn't do much today. Visited "C" and "D".  Talked with "V", the 16 year old there. She does marching band, and plays
flute. She's the most active one in their family, and she has gone on
splits with the sister missionaries before. She's awesome! Purty good

We had a companion exchange. I went with Elder McBride! He was pretty
cool! It was good to get to know him more. He's pretty good at door
contacting people, and just talking to them. but we had a few
appointments drop today, so it was a little frustrating. But it was
okay :) it was a good day! 

There was a leadership training today, so I ended up going with elder
McBride all day, and also with elder Falagrady. He is another elder in
my zone. It was a fun day, but I wish we would have worked harder.
Lesson learned. But we also met with "E" and "D" tonight, once
I got back with Elder Duce. So those appointments went well! Elder
Duce had a pretty excited spirit after that training. It was awesome!
We also helped a lady finish moving in her stuff from Arizona. She
already had an apartment full of who knows what, and she brought an
entire uhaul full of more stuff. Level 9282 hoarder. Haha! It was
exciting to say the least ;) 

Today was just amazing. Completely. We had our first appointment with
a lady named Sandy "D" and she told us she never wanted to meet with
us again. So I was thinking that today wasn't gonna be too good. But I
was wrong :) we got to visit with "S", and he is growing still. He
hasn't come to church, but he's getting there! Then we visited with a
less active lady who is getting to be good friends with Sis. Tackett,
a recent convert in our ward. It's super awesome! Then we met with
"K", who we found by helping her move into the Apache Pines complex
(probably about 80-90% of our work is here now :) ) and "K" accepted
the invitation to be baptized on our first visit!!!!!! :D she is so
ridiculously prepared. And she has two boys, 9 & 7 :) so they were
very attentive, and asking all sorts of questions about prayer. It was
amazing :) so yeah, an awesome day :) 

Conference was super amazing today!!!!! We got to watch it at Brother
Yamagata's house. Such a nice guy - and He is ridiculously rich haha. He has 4 houses in oneof the most expensive neighborhoods in Vegas. His new house he is building has a 7,000 sq. ft garage, and 12,000 sq. ft house. It's
massive. But anyway, it was super cool! I learned a lot during
conference today. I was excited to hear the new apostles announcement!
We got to watch the second session with The "J" family!!! They are
doing awesome! I was so happy to finally see them again! :) but it was
awesome today! 

General conference was amazing! I'm so grateful we get the blessing of
hearing our general authorities speak to us. It lifts my spirits up so
much. I loved so many quotes today. "The future of your faith is not
by chance, but by choice." -Neil L. Anderson in priesthood session :)
I just love hearing things like that that remind me of the little
things I need to either remember to do, or improve on. It's awesome :)
but we watched conference with "K" this morning, and then "E" this afternoon. Both went great! I hope the Spirit continues to work
on them!

Pictures from Week Six

Sort of like his weekly Q&A - I decided to send Gavin a list of 5 things to take a picture of each week.  Here is his list from this week:

1. A Sunset

2. A picture of a place where you like to eat.

(This is a picture of his entire Zone, eating a Biaggi's Pizzeria - a members restaurant.)

3.  A picture of you and your companion on your bikes.  

4.  A picture of something that says "Las Vegas" 

*This is Elder Duce's Keychain.  Gavin pointed out that Elder Duce loves The Incredible Hulk - hence the large fist on the keychain.  :)

5.  A picture of your clean apartment.   
     (He couldn't send this one because he explained that they didn't actually KEEP their apartment clean after they cleaned it last week.  Haha! - so instead he sent a picture of the rainstorm they had in Vegas on Monday!  He said it was AWESOME!  And that all the streets were like rivers.  His companion said 'Whoever said it doesn't rain in Las Vegas.....they LIED!')   :)

Q&A - Week Six

1.  Where did you watch conference and with who?
           Saturday morning with Bro. Yamagata! He's very wealthy. Haha. His house is so nice! But yeah, then              Saturday afternoon at the Jones family's house, then Sunday morning at "K"'s house, a new                            investigator, and then Sunday afternoon at our Bishop's house with "E"!  They were all great! :)
2.  What was your favorite conference talk, and why?
Probably Larry E. Lawrence's talk, because the whole focus was the "what lack I yet?" And I loved that! He was just talking about asking Heavenly Father what keeps us from progressing, and then we will know what we need to work on. 

3.  What was your biggest challenge this week?
When we went on exchanges on Thursday, and the two elders I was with did not want to work and it was very frustrating. We did one visit the whole day. It was kinda annoying. But I know that I'm gonna have companions like that, so I need to learn to handle with that better. 

4.  Name one person who has stood out to you this week and why?
Pres. Uchtdorf, because throughout several talks during conference, I thought of so many of his quotes, like "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and his "What matters most" talk and so many others. So I made a list of his talks I want to read :)

5.  Name one thing that you look forward to, every day.  
            Umm, honestly I look forward to studies a lot of days, because I'm growing to appreciate studying                 more :)