Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week One (Email from Elder Holt)

Hello everyone!!! :D 

I hope everyone back home is doing great!!! Things have been doing pretty well here for week 1! I'm learning a lot!! And I'm definitely learning how to work. It's busy busy busy. But it's good! Without being busy, it'd be hard to stay focused. My companion, Elder Bewley, is from Virginia. He is very intellectual haha!  We get along pretty well, and he has taught me to be more loving of our investigators, and try my hardest to keep the Spirit. He knows a lot about the scripures, and has a really strong testimony. so yeah! 
I love my district also!! They are all super cool! I've learned a lot from each of them!! There are 10 total in the District, 4 are going to Las Vegas West, and 6 to the Milwaukee Wisconsin mission! It's pretty cool! I love the classes and my teachers! They are lots of fun and teach me so much!!
I'm about out of time, so I'll let you all know more next week! But it has been going well, and I'm learning a lot about being a missionary and our true purpose. 
I know the the Church is true. I know it can change all your lives, in ways you couldn't imagine. It has changed mine since I've been here. I'm so excited to go to Vegas, which is where I'll be flying to on monday!!!  
Thanks for all your prayers!! Love you all!!

-Elder Holt

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