Monday, September 28, 2015

Week Five (Email from Elder Holt)

Hello hello everybody!! :)

Week 3 in Vegas, is in the books! It seems crazy that the weeks are already
seeming to go so quickly. And I know it's only going to get faster. I
can't decide if that's a good thing or not yet :) but this week was
super super awesome!!!! I had some AMAZING experiences this week, in
my companionship, and in my zone. We talked to so many new people this

Tuesday, we were walking through the Apache Pines apartment
complex, which is where we have tons of work. Tons of the work in my
ward is in there. But anyway, we were walking through to go to our
dinner appointment, and we saw a family moving in, and went to go help
them! They almost had all the stuff out of the Uhaul truck already,
but we got to help for a little bit anyways :) and through that, we
got to meet a family, their names are "G" and "K", and their two
boys. We are actually meeting with "K", and hopefully the boys, but
"G" isn't really interested in learning more. But we are so excited
and grateful we get to teach her! She seems really eager to learn
more! Service truly gets you missionary opportunities. I've heard of
lots of other experiences so far of how missionaries have gotten the
opportunity to teach people just from helping them out with something
first. So, get out there and help some people! ;) 

Saturday was definitely the most amazing day of my mission so far. Our
entire zone decided to fast and pray for people to find on Saturday.
Then, we spent the entire day knocking doors, and talking to everyone
we came in contact with. We met SO many people. Most of them weren't
interested, but we hopefully planted a seed in them. Elder Duce and I
found several less active members, and got their contact info, so
hopefully we can meet with them and get them coming to church again!
So many cool experiences happened in our zone as well. Elder Claypool
and Elder McBride, the two elders who are in my apartment with me, met
a family, and found 4 new investigators, and set three of them with
baptismal dates, in one house. It was so crazy to hear. Talk about
people being prepared :) Our zone through the whole day ended up
knocking on over a thousand doors, talked to over 400 people, found 23
investigators, 92 potential investigators, and set 8 baptismal dates!
That is so crazy awesome! Each one of those numbers represents a
person. A person who is extremely special to Heavenly Father. And now
so many of those people will hopefully grow a lot closer to Him again
:) Miracles are real.

This is a quote that describes perfectly how I felt on Saturday. It's
Elder Marvin J. Ashton, from General conference in 1983 in his talk
called "The Word is Commitment" (go read it!!!)

"When one is wholly committed, added strengths and talents become
evident. Assistance comes from unexpected sources. Who of us has not
accepted some assignment with fear and trepidation, feeling totally
inadequate to take on such a responsibility? But with concern and
obedience we move forward--working hard and praying often. As the task
is completed, to our surprise, we have been successful. We humbly
realize that our own abilities have been added upon." 

On Sunday, we got a text that said we needed to teach the Gospel
Principles class, and so uh, we weren't too prepared. But it was on
Eternal Families. But the lesson actually went great. Lots of people
participated, so that helped. But something that was brought up
throughout the lesson, was forgiveness in the family. And how
important it is to quickly forgive like children do. Because the
holding grudges, and refusing to forgive someone, no matter how hard
it may be, doesn't fix anything. It doesn't help your family get
closer together. It pushes it away. And I know that's true. At the end
of class, I gave everyone in it a challenge. So I want to give it to
all of you too :) The challenge was just to recognize something you can do, or
say, or NOT do or NOT say this week, and then do it, or don't do it,
(if it's a bad thing) ;) I know that if you do, you, and hopefully your
family will be happier. Sometimes, it's just a tiny difference we need
to change to make a big difference.

One more thing about families, "C", his mom is "D", he shared
something about families today in class. He said one time a guy shared
an experience of a sign he saw, that his dad had up on his front door.
The sign said, "the most important part of your day is about to
happen"  So every time this guy would walk in the door, he would stop, and
think of his troubles he had throughout the day. And would think of
how his family was important to him. So he would try and fix his
attitude before he came in the door, so he didn't upset his family. I
think we can all learn something from that. Family time really is the
most important time. So try and be happy around your family :) 

Small little thing to think about:
Being obedient brings blessings. We know that! Disobedience doesn't
actually ruin your blessings, or things like that. But disobedience
makes you lose opportunities. Opportunities where you maybe could have
made just one person happy today if you did what you should've. 

So yeah, that's all. And that was my week! I hope you all are doing
great! And I also hope you are all doing good things that are bringing
your closer to your Savior. I love you all so much! I'll talk to you
next week! :)

- Elder Holt

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