Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 3 Email from Elder Holt

Hey everyone!!!! 

Week 1 in the mission field is down! :) it was such a cool week! I met lots of the families the Elders have been teaching here! There's a really cool guy named Emmanuel, and he's from Nigeria. He is about 50 and has been part of a Christian church since he was 40. He really loves learning more about the Gospel, but when we talked to him about baptism, he said he had been baptized already, so he didn't see why he needed to be baptized again. So we've been talking to him about that. It's really cool though! He is super solid at doing what we ask him to do and he has been coming to church every week for the last 4 weeks! We're going to keep teaching him more and more and I hope he will open up more! 

But yeah, other than that, we haven't had any super amazing teaching experiences. We met a guy named Rick while we were knocking on doors. He really doesn't like organized religion, but definitely wants to keep meeting with us and learning more. He seemed really really interested. We basically taught him the entire restoration lesson at the door. It was really cool. 

We spend a lot of our time visiting less active members. There are a lot of them here, because lots of the time people will get baptized with a hope that the church will help their financial problems. Which is true. But then they don't stay committed to the church. So anyway, we visited the Frys family.  they have a cat, that plays fetch. It's flippin hilarious. They are a pretty cool family though. We are trying to get them to come to church, but they won't :/  But, it's alright. We'll keep trying  :) 

We constantly have people yelling at us while we're riding down the street on our bikes. People cuss us out, and tell us all the Mormons are going to hell. It's kinda funny. But also kind of sad. Because they don't understand what they are really turning away from. One UPS truck driver saw us, and turned around and came and gave us some water. It was so nice. It gets so dang hot. Me and elder Duce get so sweaty. Blech. 
And another UPS guy saw us at a stoplight and yelled "Hey Brethren keep it up!!! The book is blue and the church is true!!! Stay strong bothers!!"  That was super cool. It gave me a huge spiritual boost. It gets discouraging seeing all these people just point and laugh at us as we bike down the road. So it was comforting to have someone actually see us and say something to lift our spirits :) 

I am really liking my companion still! He loves to work hard and doesn't like sitting around. Which is awesome. I also love my apartment. The four of us have tons of fun! We have made mattress forts, and all sorts of other stuff.  Haha!  We actually cleaned the apartment this week. It was filthy when I got here. But yeah that's basically my week! 

I'm excited to keep on working! It's hard to be here and work all day every day. But I can feel the strength I get from our Heavenly Father whenever I'm feeling down. I love it. And I love all of you! The church is true!!! Never forget it!! I'll talk to you all next week!!:) 

-Elder Holt 
The book is blue and the church is true!! 

Note from Karen:  Some other interesting things from Elder Holt this week are:
-He almost gets hit by a car several times a day, every day.   :(    This is not good news.  Please pray for the drivers in Las Vegas to BE MORE CAREFUL!  
-He and his companion should be getting a car soon.  The area they cover is farther away than the area their roomates cover, so a car should be coming their way to help!  Let's hope they can BE good drivers themselves, and can avoid bicyclists.  ;)
-He loves getting letters and emails and says that they help him more than you could know.  So if you have a few minutes and would like to send a quick note - you'll find his email and address under the 'Write to Elder Holt' section!

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