Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Q&A - Week 1

My sister started this with her missionary, and it's been so fun, so I decided to do it with Gavin too!

I will send him 5 questions to answer each week, that we will post on his blog.  :)  I was so excited to get his first Q&A back today!


1. What has been your favorite meal in the MTC so far?

Favorite meal was a Teriyaki burger, because it was one of the few edible things ;) jk, most of it is edible, but I end up eating a cereal and banana almost every meal ;) jk. I like the food. Sorta.

2. Who has been your favorite speaker at the devotionals and why?

The sunday Devo. we had Charles Dalquist speak to us. He was an amazing speaker, and I learned so much. Mostly the thing that stood out to me was when he said that you as missionaries are never going to be where you want to be. So stop getting down on yourself. Then he asked if you're improving. And I said yeah, I am. So that was a turning point, and I realized that I wanted to stay more positive, and that helped a lot.

3.  What is a typical daily schedule?

We wake up, and change. Then study for an hour, then have breakfast. Then go back to class until lunchtime, then have lunch. then class again until dinner :) But the classes are amazing! I learn so much from them! They just seemed long at first, but now it's getting better. Then after dinner we have almost 3 hours of study time either alone, or with our companion. Then on certain nights, we have devotionals with the Branch Pres. or stuff like that.

4.  What is the funniest thing that has happened, that made you LOL?

Nothing really that funny tbh... Except Elder Thompson who is in my district talking about how he was scared and ran away from his mom right after he got his wisdom teeth out haha!

5.  What has been your favorite day so far in the MTC?

Sunday for sure. We talked a lot about the importance of that sacrament, and how insane it is that we take it so easily (without much thought or meaning). It's supposed to be such an amazing experience, and blessing. So yeah, sunday was amazing. We also watched an older Devo that Pres. Bednar gave, called the Character of Christ. He talked about how we turn in, when Christ would turn out. As far as helping others, or when things happen to us. One of the stories from that was how three mothers in a ward let their daughters stay out late, and during the night, the 3 girls got in a horrible car accident. one of the girls mothers got called, and said that one of the girls was dead, but the medics couldnt determine which girl it was because of how mangled they got in the crash. But that mother who was on the phone with someone at the scene, called Pres. Bednar at the same time, who was the mother's stake Pres. And that mother while she was telling Bednar what had happened, the medic told her that it was her daughter that was the one killed. But instead of dwelling on that for any time at all, that mother immediately asked Pres. Bednar to help the other two mothers know about the accident, and what she can do to help. 
Do you think that us, as regular people, could turn out like that? The mother did exactly what Jesus himself would have done. Not be selfish for even one second to think about her lost daughter, and that she'll never be able to see her again. In that moment, where when something bad happens to us, we all tend to turn in toward ourselves, and say things like "Well this terrible thing happened to me, so I can't help anyone right now." But Christ has never done that. In all his works, He never did that once. Not when He was betrayed, or forgotten, or anything. 
So those thoughts have been going through my head a lot. It's really touching. And sorry if that story was hard to understand... It's hard to write a lot with my time ;) But it was amazing. This week has been so great! I've learned so much and have been touched so many times by the spirit. I know Christ lives, and loves more than we can imagine. He loves each of us SOOO much. And I have felt that so strongly this past week. 

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