Monday, September 28, 2015

Q&A Week Five

1.  Have you been able to teach any part of a discussion yourself yet?  If so, what did you teach about? 
I've taught a lot actually, and basically all the lessons in PMG. Whenever we teach, Elder Duce and I just switch off in each topic of the lesson.  
2. What is one thing you learned this week? 
Umm, that finding people to teach, by using the spirit, is just as important as teaching our investigators by the spirit. 

3.  What has been your favorite part about the area you are serving in right now? 
Our ward mission leader is so incredibly involved, and the members are always willing to help out with coming to discussions. So my favorite thing is probably the members and the help they give us :) 

4.  Who has influenced you the most this week? 
Probably Elder Palmer, because he has been so excited for this amazing Saturday we had. We fasted all day, and just went tracting ALL day. It was such a hard day. It was overall extremely rewarding though. It was awesome :)

5.  Name one thing that you appreciate right now and tell us why.  
Honestly, I didn't realize how blessed I was just to have a bike.  Brother Woolley, our ward mission leader, (who is flipping awesome by the way) said he went to Spain just a few months after the first Spain mission opened up, and he had to walk to an area as big as our area.  So I'm so grateful we even have bikes, although a car would be nice  ;)

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