Monday, September 28, 2015


Eating dinner on Saturday evening, after a special Fast that their Zone did together, to help find new people to help/teach.  What an incredible group of missionaries!

The Elder in the front with his back to the camera is Elder Bewley, Elder Holt's companion from the MTC.  It's neat they are in the same Zone in the field.  :)

Gavin loves the missionaries in his Zone!  Great things are happening in Las Vegas!!

The greatest zone in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission!  The Lakes Zone!

Enjoying the new sunglasses and blanket that I sent to him this week!  :) <3

A hot air balloon right outside the church.  :)

A little too much fun on the iPad.  :)  Haha!  Glad to see those smiles!  

One of the apartment complexes in Gavin's area, where they do a lot of appointments.  He said there is always police and emergency vehicles there.  :(  Never a dull moment!

A beautiful 'almost' sunset view from Elder Holt's front porch.  :)

Elder Holt and his companion, Elder Duce had an appt, and the lady had to leave before they got there.  So she left them a note, a bottle of water, and a banana!  :)  

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