Monday, September 7, 2015

Leaving the MTC

We woke up this morning, to a phone call from Elder Holt! He was calling from the airport, while he waited for his flight.  Happy Day!!  He sounded terriffic!  He said that they had left the MTC at 7:30 this morning to head to the airport, and that the driver that picked them up, had already taken 2 other trips to the airport that morning with missionaries!  There were 19 missionaries on his flight, 3 Sister Missionaries, and 16 Elders.  His MTC companion, Elder Bewley, was going as well.  He loved his experience in the MTC, but said he was excited to get to going, so that he can begin his work as a missionary.   It was so good to talk to him.  We can't wait to get his first report from Las Vegas.  In the meantime.....Bon Voyage Elder Holt!  Our thoughts and prayers go with you!


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