Monday, September 21, 2015

Email from Elder Holt - Week 4

Hola everyone!!! :) 

Second week down!! Saturday is my month mark! I can't decide if the past month has flown by, or felt like it drug on and on. I guess it was kinda both. Haha! But I hope everything is going well at home!!! Things have been great here! I had a pretty amazing week until Friday and Saturday! They were still good days, but all our appointments except one cancelled between both days. So Elder Duce and I were a little frustrated. But we are ready to start this week off well!!! We could have at least 4 baptisms in October!!!! :D the 'J' family (three people) might be able to be baptized all at the same time! The dad works as a truck driver though. So we might not have enough time to teach him before the others get baptized. But it's still going to be an amazing experience :) I'm so excited for them!!! Liz and Michael, the mom and son, are both so ready to be baptized! It's so awesome!! 

We met with "E" again this week, and we talked about the Gospel of Christ, and he took it really well. We asked him to read 3 Nephi 11, where the Book of Mormon talks about Christ, because he already has a really strong relationship with Christ. It's so cool! He's such a spiritual guy. I really want him to read, and pray so he will know that he needs to be baptized. We also met with 'S' again, he isn't really progressing at all, sadly. He doesn't keep commitments at all, which is probably why he has been investigating for 30+ years. But we're not giving up on him :) 

So yeah, that was basically my week! We've tried to contact some of the people we've met Tracting and whatnot, but most of them don't answer to our calls, or don't answer the door when we try and visit. So it's a little discouraging. But we met a few more people this week that hopefully will want to meet with us more! 

We rearranged our apartment as well. It's a lot cleaner and nicer now. We took out the extra desks and stuff we don't need, so there's a ton more space. It's much better :) and we are for sure going to get a car next week!!!! :D so only one more week on this bicycles. Hopefully it's not too hot this week. 

I just want to let you all know, that I know the power of prayer is real. I would not be able to do this without prayer. I'm so grateful for being able to ask Heavenly Father for help. So many times this week, I would ask something to myself and ask Heavenly Father. And so many of my questions were answered through the week, but especially on Sunday. It was such a cool experience. I love being out here though! I'm learning so much. And I love helping the people here!

(Here are some of the notes I took, at the end of each day): 

Monday: We played football and basketball today with the South Zone! It was a lot of fun! We didn't really get to proselyte very much today because it takes us 30 minutes to just get to our area. So we got about 1 hour of tracting in. It was fun though! Hopefully some of the people we talk to will call us back. 

Tuesday: talked with "S", a guy who has been taking missionary lessons on and off for 36 years. He is really stubborn about weird current political standpoints of the church (he talks about all sorts of homosexuality cases and such) and says that's what he is having the hardest time accepting about the gospel. We had dinner at smashburger today. And the guy who took us for dinner, Bro. Leavitt, gave us 20$ for dinner another night as well. What a guy! After that we tried to tract again for a little while and didn't have much success. Oh! And we had a lady pay for our lunch at Taco Bell! She was so nice. She just saw us about to pay and ran up and offered to pay for us. She was very nice :) 

Wednesday: Started the day off with personal study, as usual, but then before companionship study we had a service project for a family in our apartment complex. The whole zone came to help, and we were helping a family move, so we helped them move their stuff into the U-haul truck. We talked with the J family again, and M (10) is still excited to get baptized. He was supposed to be getting baptized Saturday, but wants to wait for his dad to get back from trucking so he can be there. So hopefully soon :) and his mom, L, is going to be baptized soon too! I'm so excited for them!! 

Thursday: Today we got to do a "blitz" which is where we go to an area of a companionship in our district, and tract there to look for people to teach for that companionship. It's really cool! We did it in Sister Strange's and Sister Savea's area today. It was a more wealthy neighborhood and most people either didn't answer, or just flat out denied it. Some people threatened to release their two Great Danes on Elder McBride and Claypool. It was kinda funny haha. But we also taught Steve again today, and hopefully he is getting the spirit at home so he can keep learning. And we taught "E". He is from Algeria and he is a devout Christian. He knows so much about Christ. It's super amazing how faithful he is. But that is hard in a way, because it's hard for him to realize that his baptism wasn't in full authority. He sees his baptism as devoting his life to Christ, which is true, but it's hard for us to teach him he needs the priesthood authority involved. But we're getting there :) he's understanding more and more. But overall, an awesome day!!

Friday: Honestly, one of the hardest days of my life. Haha. It was difficult. We had all our appointments fall through except one. Oh well. Bad days will happen. Hopefully tomorrow is better. We had a zone training today and that went well! So we had one good part at least ;) and Auntie Alison dropped off some packages!!!! That made me super happy!! (Even though I didn't actually get to 'see' her)  :)

Saturday: I went to Elder Forred today, who is the person in charge of 'Missionary Health' in the mission. My apartment all thought I should go because I've been having really bad, chronic headaches again all day, like I did after my concussion in the spring. So I went to the see him, so I will be working with him to try to get to the bottom of these darn headaches.   Oh, and all our appointments cancelled. Again. Yay. Not a fabulous day.

Sunday: We had a really good sacrament meeting today! A girl spoke because she is leaving on her mission Tuesday! She's going to Ecuador! She was really really happy about serving :) it made me remember how excited I was. At this point, I don't know what I'm feeling. Haha. I really do enjoy being here, but it is so hard sometimes. And my headaches are driving me crazy. But I'll deal with it :) but we had a really good Sunday! We got to talk with C and D again, and D is 40 days clean and sober now!! She's doing amazing! C is starting to get harder to have him come read the BOM with us. But hopefully he'll realize he needs it more. We're praying for him. But yeah, that was our Sunday :) it was a good week! Frustrating, and hard. But it was good. Heavenly Father helps us. Even it seems like he's not helping you, he really is. I promise :) 

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