Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Friends & Family

Gavin has so many wonderful friends and family that came to watch him open his call!  There were many more that couldn't be there, too!  We love them all and thank them for the support!

Gavin is very blessed to have two wonderful grandmothers so close by.
Cousins Skyler & Trevor



I was greatly missing my dad and wishing that he could have been here to share this day with us, and was so grateful for my sweet Uncle Ef for being there to support and offer words of advice to Gavin.  And for my uncle Von, who is serving as a Mission President in Irvine, CA, for supporting us through words of kindness, love and support as well.  LOVE my Uncles so much and truly needed them at this time.

Gavin & Tori received their calls on the same day!  Tori has been called to serve the people of Kingston, Jamaica!  She'll be amazing!

Called To Serve

Called to serve in the NEVADA, LAS VEGAS WEST MISSION!
We are grateful for so many friends and family for being there to support Gavin! It was a truly a special day!  Great things are about to happen in LAS VEGAS!

Gavin with his dad and mom before opening his call.

Never a dull moment!
Gavin's family: Jim, Karen, Gavin, Derek, Megan & Lauren
Today is the day!

LOVE Gavin's smile.  He makes others happy by just being around them!
This picture cracks me up!  It truly shows the emotions we were feeling.  Las Vegas?  Never would've guessing in a million years.  So so cool.  Feeling very blessed, relieved, excited... HAPPY!

It's a special feeling finding out where the Lord has specifically chosen as the place & people that need you most.  Truly a touching, touching moment for Gavin, and for us!  So proud and grateful to be experiencing this with him.

Starting to sink in...

Checking out the mission boundaries.

One more hug from Mom!