Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 18 - Christmas Pics!!

Elder Flood and Elder Holt at an investigators house, getting Skype set up for their Christmas phone call!

An investigator sent me a couple of fun pics of my favorite missionary, on Christmas Eve!

Elder Flood and Elder Holt on Christmas Eve!

Elder Holt on Christmas Day, Skyping with his Family!

Elder Holt still has his sense of humor!

Our family 'Together' again!  

Elder Holt's Stocking by their Christmas Tree

Elder Holt & Elder Walker on Christmas morning!

The missionaries in the Zone got together at the Zone Leaders house on Christmas morning to open all the gifts they had gotten from their families!  

After opening presents, it was time to make Breakfast!

The finished Christmas Tree from the '12 Days of Christmas' that we sent for Elder Holt so he could countdown to Christmas!

Week 18 - Email from Elder Holt

Merry late Christmas everyone! ;) I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I sure did!

This week was so great! We spent the early part of the week knocking on a lot of empty doors, because everyone went out of town for the holidays. But the people who answered seemed to be pretty open to what we had to say! Hopefully we can go back and they'll let us in again :)

On Christmas we spent the morning at our zone leaders house opening all the presents we got from our families! Oh man! It was so fun! Haha! Then we went to a members house where we had lunch, and skyped our families! It was so so good to see them again.  I can't imagine how
people feel when their house isn't just up the highway a little bit (Haha!  jk) But after skyping, we went to our bishops house and played some games with his family, and then went to the church to play some games with the whole zone again :) it was tons of fun :)

The next day we went on exchanges, and I was with Elder McBride for the day, in his area! He helped me learn a few things that I had been struggling with, and it was a super fun day!

Our investigators are doing awesome!"D"is doing great! We went to his house on Christmas Eve! Haha! He was the one who let us use his phone and stuff to call home and organize a Skype time with our families for Christmas!
"S" is also doing good! I think he'll come around slowly but surely. We met with the "J" family again as well! It had been a while, but we are meeting with the regularly again now. I know they'll continue to progress! :)

That's mostly it for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic New Years holiday! It'll be the first year I won't stay up all night ;) thanks for all of your Christmas cards and everything! I'll talk to
you next week! :)

Elder Holt :)

Daily Notes from Week 18

We had a great day today! It was a very relaxed P-Day. :) It was really really nice. :) haha! We just spent the day at the church after we went shopping for a bit. And while we were shopping, we were getting some ties, and a super nice lady said merry Christmas to us, and bought our ties for us. :) It was so nice. :) Then we spent the night at the Carlson's, who is such an amazing family. :) Bro. Carlson is our young men's leader, and he is just awesome. It was a super good day! :) 

Today was a good day! We got to visit the "J" family again! They are still doing great! "L" is still having a hard time with a few things, but she is still doing great. "M" is doing awesome as well! I'm really excited that they are letting us back into their home to let us teach them again. They are so ready for this gospel :) and we also had a lesson with "D"! He's doing well too! :) 

We had a great today again! We tried to contact a super cool referral we got, for a guy who thinks it's really weird how there are so many churches here. He's from another country. So hopefully we can contact him. :) And we went caroling with the young men and women! It was super fun! We went to an old folks retirement home then we went to Biaggio's pizzeria for dinner. :) It was a super good day! 

Christmas Eve.... What....? Did that just happen? It's like 60 degrees out here. What the heck? ;) but anyway, today was great! So we went to visit some people in Apache pines, the typical apartment complex we always work in, and I felt prompted to go visit the "S" Family, a less active family who Elder Duce and I used to visit when I first got here, and they FINALLY ANSWERED! :D They hadn't answered to us in so long. We were so happy to see them. We are having dinner with them soon too. :) Ahhh it was so great :) they're hopefully coming to church on Sunday too! :) To hear me speak... I'm speaking in church BTW... Haha! And also, it was so cool to be able to call home and organize a Skype time for tomorrow. :) I'm so excited!!! :) 

Friday: (Christmas)
Oh my gosh! It was Christmas today? Coulda fooled me ;) Just kidding. It's just nice and toasty out there ;) haha! Just kidding about that too. It was around 40. Which is pretty darn cold for this place. But anyway, Christmas was so great! It was so so SO amazing to skype my family! :) It helped me so much, just to see their smiling faces. I just was reassured that everything is okay at home. :) It was a blessing. I'm lucky to be able to be in the mission I am and Skype, let alone email every week :) but it was such a fun day! We went to the Leavitt's house to Skype, then when we finished that, we went to Bishop Wilkerson's house and played some board games with them! It was way fun! :) Then we went to the church building as a zone and played basketball, and some other games there :) It was such a good day! :) 

I went on exchanges with Elder McBride for today! It was a lot of fun! It's the first exchange of my transfer, and it feels like it's been forever since I've been on an exchange. So it was really good! :) He talked to me a lot about learning to vent out my stress. And it's been really good to learn about! It was a super good day though! We spent the day in his area, so I don't really know the investigators enough to update you guys... :) haha! :) Oh hey - one of the families in his area had a new Hoverboard!  My family got some for Christmas and I saw them when I skyped, so they let me try it!  It was awesome!

Well, church was great today! Except for the part where everyone else had to listen to me speak. ;) Just kidding. It was actually really good! I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share my testimony with our ward. I prepared a totally different talk than I actually gave. I just felt the spirit working through me today, more than I ever have. It was amazing. I just felt like I was literally opening my mouth, and words came out. It was just so cool to feel that. And after I sat down after I finished my talk, I just felt something change inside me. I all of a sudden felt a burning desire to stay here on my mission. I felt an overwhelming sense of a feeling that I need to be here. It was an experience I have been praying for for so long now. And today, I just felt it all. I completely feel like I need to be here now, and there's nothing that could change that.  :)


Week 18 Q&A

1. How was your first Christmas in the mission field?
First Christmas was great!!! :) it was so good to talk to you guys again. It helped me realize that things are still going okay at home :) and it was just all around a super fun day, because we gathered together as a zone and played some games and stuff. And in the morning we were watching cool videos about Christ's life :) 

2. What do you think you will remember most about this Christmas?
Probably either Skyping home, or hanging out with the whole mission at the Christmas mission conference. The spirit there was really cool.  

3. Have you thought about any New Year Resolutions yet?
I am definitely going to try and be more focused on the work, and not let little things distract me, or let little things frustrate me. Sooooo, I guess being more patient and diligent :)

4. Many people aren't aware that some missions use iPads.  Can you explain what you use your iPad for as it relates to missionary work?
So, we use iPads all the time. We always have them with us, and we can share videos like mormon messages, or bible videos, or anything like that whenever we feel like we should. We have our area book and planner on the iPad's as well. Lots of people here who were here before the mission got iPads said that it is so much nicer to have everything all in one device :)

5. Transfers are only a couple weeks away.  Tell us what happens on a Transfer Day from start to finish.
It's always on a Monday, so it's a P-Day. We spend the majority of the time we usually spend playing basketball or something on cleaning our apartment. Really well :) then at 5 PM we go to the transfer building IF you're being transferred. If not you stay in your area. You have to get a ride with a member of your ward. And then that's mostly it. After the transfer building you move all your bags to your new companion's member's car. If that makes sense... Haha! Then you just go to your new area and go to dinner and finish the night. :) 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pics from Week 17

Elder Flood, Myself, and Elder Tillotson on the day Elder Tillotson left to go home.  :)

A Christmas card for the missionaries for the First Presidency.  So cool!

Daily Notes - Week 17

We had a super good P-Day today! We got to go shopping at the mall for the better part of the day! It's fun being a little bit of a normal person for a day. ;) We still get weird looks and stuff, but it's kinda cool to be able to just go and do things that regular people do :) then we get back to work! We visited "C" and "D", and Elder Tillotson gave "C" a haircut because he looked like a hippie.  Haha!  :) it was really good! They are doing a lot better. She has been really strong in staying off drugs and stuff, so it's really cool to see them both change!  

We had a really good district meeting today, and it was mostly about goal setting, and planning. It was really eye-opening to me to see how important goals are. We should constantly be living our lives in a state of working towards a greater goal. If we aren't doing that, then what are we focusing on? We should all have a focus on our most important eternal goal: Exaltation. And if we aren't setting little goals each day/week/month or whatever the time period, that is working towards that main goal, then we probably aren't focusing on what we should be. So that's what I learned today :) then we also had another super good lesson with "M"! He is doing awesome! :) And that's pretty much it for today. :)

We had our Christmas conference today! It was really really cool! I really loved realizing some of the things I did today. i learned that the star that shone brightly over Christ when He was born, was placed in trajectory a long time before it actually shone brightly. And so that is like us. We are placed in a plan Heavenly Father has set for us, and we are in the path for a long time before we actually shine bright. :) It's amazing :) And that we all have gifts that Heavenly Father has given us, and we need to strengthen those gifts and exercise them, so we can use them for Christ's purpose. For sharing our light :) 

Well today our tri-panionship ended.. It was sad, but it's also going to be a good change. Elder Flood and I are going to be able to focus more on practicing teaching, and other things a little easier now :) It was sad to see Elder Tillotson leave though. He was an awesome guy, and in the two short weeks I was with him, he taught me a lot. He helped me learn that I have no reason to stress out because i am here doing what my Heavenly Father wants me to be doing right now. And because of that, I can't fail. No matter what. As long as I'm doing the things I'm supposed to be doing. 

Today has been great! The first full day in a regular companionship was really good! We had service at Goodwill today, and it was really good! We also spent time weekly planning, and moving Elder McBride and Elder Walker into the apartment. So our apartment is back to a four man apartment :) It's gonna be good! I'm excited! We also taught the "S" family again! "M" didn't pay very much attention, so that was kinda discouraging. But the dad attention really well during the lesson, and he is actually going to start learning more about the church again. He has "studied" with missionaries before, and didn't fully agree with some things in the Book of Mormon, but he said a lot more things about our church are making sense now. :) So that was really awesome to hear! 

We had such a good day today! We found one guy who was a referral from a member, and he let us in and we have a return appointment with him! His name is "D" and he is super awesome! He has a lot of family in the Philippines who are members, and so he knows a little bit about the church. And we also met with "S" today, and he is seriously progressing well. He just needs to come to church. :) And so that's mostly it for today! But it was super exciting to find someone else who we can teach!!! :D 

We had a pretty nice day. We had our ward Christmas program today, and we listened to some really good talks! It was great :) we also visited the "J" family and they were doing awesome!!! It's been so long since we got the chance to talk to them, and it was so good to see them again! :) They are doing great. Ahhh :) It was so good to see them. :) And that's mostly all that happened today. :)


Week 17 - Email from Elder Holt

Hello hello hello :)

This week has been a little strange! Elder Tillotson left for home Thursday night, and so it's just Elder Flood and I from now on! But it has been good so far! We are getting along well, and haven't really had any big problems with each other, so that's good!

Our area seems like its booming. :) I guess it's really not, but we found two new people to teach recently, which Elder Duce and I couldn't seem to do lately. :(  So yeah, we have two new people! One is the "S" family, one of the brothers there is already a member, and that's how we found the rest of the family. So there is the dad, the brother who is a member, two twelve year olds, a nine year old, and a five year old. And no mom. It's a crazy house! Haha! But the dad used to investigate the church, and told us he had some issues accepting some of the things we believe in, but now that we are talking about some of the same stuff again, he said that things are clicking in his head, and if it continues this way, he won't be able to deny that it's the true church. He told us the reason he keeps our Church in his sights is because he can tell we are the only church that you know by the "fruit of your labors".  He said other churches don't live up to what they say, but ours does! And so it's a super cool experience being able to teach them. :)

Then we also have a guy named "D", who is from the Philippines, and a bunch of his family are members of the church back in the Philippines :) we found out about him from a referral by one of his cousins, and so we went to his apartment, and he just seemed to understand a lot of the stuff we talked about. It's been such a great week!!!! :)

As Christmas is coming along, I just wanted to share my testimony about the Savior. I have loved being able to share the video "A Savior is Born". It is truly inspired, and touches everyone that watches it with an open heart. We shared it with the "S" family, and one of the kids said, "what is that warm tingly feeling I felt?" Haha! Cool huh? :) and the dad said that he always feels the spirit when truth is spoken like in that video. It's just so cool to see how much that video touches people. And it's exactly the reason that the dad said, because when truth is spoken, the spirit is there. And so each time I watch that, it truly makes me think of the Savior's birth, and how He was truly, completely, 100% born for each of us. Not for Himself. He was born to die for us, and ride from the dead, so we will all be able to live with Him again. He was born, so we never have to permanently feel guilt, sorrow, and pain. That can all be taken away through the Savior's Atonement. It's so amazing :)

That is mostly it for this week. It's been a great week! It just doesn't feel like Christmas is around the corner. It's not supposed to
be 50-60 degrees at the end of December :) so I still think it's all a fluke, and Christmas isn't coming until it gets colder ;)

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!!!! Don't forget the true meaning of it! :) I would suggest you all go and watch "A Savior is Born" because it's so amazing and very touching :)

Love you all! Thanks for the Christmas cards!!! :) talk to you next week! Merry Christmas!!! :)

Elder Holt :)

Q&A Week 17

1. What is one thing you've improved upon personally since this transfer began?
I think I have definitely learned to be more patient. Elder Flood is very different from me, and so it has taken a lot of patience for me to learn to work around those differences. 

2. Name one act of kindness that you witnessed this week?
Definitely "S" (one of our investigators) bringing elder Flood and I Christmas gifts. He doesn't have much money. And so it meant a lot to me that he spent money to get us something :)  

3. How has your impressions of Christmas changed, now that you're a missionary? 
It's very different. I have no snow. It's messed up. Haha! But I love the giving and sharing aspect of Christmas :) it's so much different than Christmas used to be for me, sadly. I wish I used to be more giving :)

4. What have you noticed missing most about Christmas so far this year?
Definitely snow. And family. That's mostly it. There are a lot of houses with Christmas lights so I don't miss the lights too much. :)

5.  If you could share a Christmas message with everyone, what would it be?
Definitely to watch the Christmas.mormon.org videos, and then to watch them again. Just feel the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the things it talks about. :) I have learned so much and been strengthened a lot just by feeling that spirit! :) It is great. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Email from Elder Holt - Week 16

Hello everyone!! :)
This week has been great! This triple companionship has been going well! It's been more and more fun each day! :) we've had our struggles, but things are getting easier as we are getting more used to each other :) Elder Tillotson is leaving this week though, on Thursday. So it will just be Elder Flood and I. :) 
We had a really good week! We taught more lessons this week too! We found a new kid named M!!! He is so awesome! We had a couple lessons with him, and he is just so awesome! He has learned a lot already, and he is very diligent in keeping the commitments we leave with him :) he is going to be great!

We had a lot of fun this week! There was so many cool things that happened to us this week! There are so many people that we run into here that are so excited to see missionaries! I love seeing little kids' faces light up when they see us :)

D is progressing well, and he is awesome as ever! He came to church this week, and it was really awesome! S is doing okay as well! I wish he would be more proactive, and come to church more often, but we'll keep trying.  :)
Something I learned more about this week was Grace. I learned so much about it, and I'm going to continue to study it. I talked with a guy in our ward named Bro. Leavitt, and he taught me a lot about it. He said that Grace literally applies to everything aspect of our daily lives. :) It's so cool! I would suggest all of you go and study it out a little more, because it is really amazing to learn about.  :) It makes you realize how dependent we are on our Heavenly Father. As soon as we realize that, then He can work through us so much easier. 

This week has been a pretty normal week other than that, so I don't have much else to write about. But thanks for all of the examples you all are to me :) 

I love you all!

Elder Holt :)

Pics - Week 16

Just me.  :)

The Christmas Tree my mom sent.   It helped our apartment look a bit more festive. :)

Me & Elder Falagrady, from Arizona.  He is awesome. I did splits with him quite a bit because both our comps were District Leaders, so when they had training, we'd work together.  This pic was on the day he was transferred out of our area. 

Daily Notes from Elder Holt (Week 15)

We had a great P-Day today! We went to Summerlin mall again! It was a lot of fun! There are tons of stores there. And it's kinda fun to be a normal person for an hour or two and just look around stores like that :) and we also went to the church building again, as usual, and played basketball and stuff :) I've been trying to practice piano each P-Day, but I'm still not too good. I want to keep trying though :) other than that, we didn't have much else happen! We talked with a less active guy, who loves to talk. Haha! That's about it :)


We had a good day today. I woke up feeling so nasty. I about threw up a few times. And so I didn't go out to work until around 1, which was when district meeting started. After that, I wasn't feeling super good still, but we went out to work anyway! It's better to be busy. We talked to a few people, and it was good! 


I woke up feeling really nauseous again today... Ughhhhh. But I hate sitting at home so we went to service at goodwill this morning! It was an interesting time. I see some crazy people and stuff there each time I go :) But we spent the rest of the day doing different finding activities. Hopefully all our efforts for finding will pay off :) We set some goals for the rest of this month, and we are trying to works towards those as well! Our companionship has been going better though! And we met with D.M. today too! :) he's doing awesome! He showed us in ether 14-15, how it talks about a guy doing a push up with his head cut off. Read the whole story, then at the end it talks about that ;) it's really funny haha! 


Oh my gosh!!!! We finally found a kid that is so so so excited to keep the commitments we left with him!!! :) we found him through a guy on the part member family list! We've been encouraged to use those lists to help us find new people to teach, and this kid came out of nowhere! His name is Matthew! Oh man I'm so excited for him!!! :) we're meeting with him again on Saturday, and he just seems totally ready :) we had a good day today too! :)


We had a pretty good day today! We taught S, and we taught D.M.! They both went well! I love the spirit that is present whenever we teach lessons. The spirit there is always teaching me, and hopefully the people we teach :) it touches me in a way that is so comforting, and reassuring. It makes my mission seem worth it. And that is especially helpful in cases where I get discouraged and have doubts, because the spirit wipes away those doubts :) 


Today has been super good!!! :) we talked with Bro. Woolley, and had a catch-up meeting with all the people we've been trying to work with, and the people who have been on his mind. It was good! We also had another lessons with the S family! The same family we taught on Thursday! They are so awesome! M is so excited to keep learning, and even said that he wanted to be baptized. Holy moly! It's so exciting!!! :) it's been a great day! We also visited a couple more people, but nothing else too big! 


We had a great sabbath day today! We had a really good church service, and we had D.M. show up to church! He hasn't come in a while, so it was really good to see him! We also had a really good lesson with C and D. They were having a rough time lately, and they are getting out of the little slump they were in. :) We also went to Bro. Leavitt's house, the chiropractor,and we talked about Grace a lot. He explained how grace doesn't only take effect when we have done all we can, which it does, but it is also affecting each breathing moment we recognize our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. We need to be wholly dependent on them, because they have given us everything. And he explained also, with that knowledge, it is comforting to know that because they are always helping us, and standing by our side, if we try our absolute hardest on something, and it doesn't work out, then we know that it was meant to happen that way, because it was Heavenly Father's will :) 

Week 16 - Q&A

1. Name on instance you saw someone show Christlike attributes this week.
Elder Flood is very very diligent. I've noticed that about him. He is always making sure that he is getting the things done he is supposed to, and he is really obedient. So he's a good example to me for that :) 

2. How has the Christmas Season affected what you're doing? 
We have been trying to use the video "a savior is born" a lot. And it really touches some people. It's really cool! 

3. Do the missionaries get to participate in any Christmas activities, plays, concerts, etc. that might be going on in your area?
There is a missionary Christmas conference, which is a morning side about Christmas, then kind of a party for the missionaries this Wednesday :) other than that, not much, unless you get a member to take you :) 

4. Name one good things that happened to you this week.
I had been feeling really down, and so I had no one else to turn to but to Heavenly Father, and after I realized that, I received strength that wasn't my own. 

5. What are you looking forward to, being in the mission field this Christmas?
The spirit of the missionary aspect of Christmas. I have already noticed it. I was never focused on missionary work during christmas time for some reason, and so I'm excited to focus on it continually this year :) 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pics from Week 15

Our Ward Christmas party was last Friday!  This band was a group of men that played a banjo, a double bass and a 'wiz bang' (which is a whole bunch of instruments strapped together).  :)  They were awesome!

This is myself, the members of the band, Elder Tillotsen and Elder Flood 

Q&A - Week 15

1.  Will the ward you are serving in, have a Ward Christmas Party? 
Yes, we already had it! It was on Friday, and we went to it! It was so much fun! The entertainment that someone in our ward had come play for us was so much fun! I'll send the video and pics in a separate email! :) 

2. Tell us about an experience that stood out to you this week.
This whole week has been difficult for me. Transfers were difficult. But the thing that has stood out to me most, is that because it's been hard, I've been relying on Heavenly Father more than I have been lately, and I have definitely felt the effects of that. I have been comforted time and time again this week. And I know that's because I changed what I was doing (or not doing very well) and leaning on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more, and I definitely felt them helping me this week. 

3. What has been the hardest thing about transfers this week?
The hardest thing was just having new people to get used to. They are both so different too, And so it's hard to work things out with three people. But it will not be for too long, so we'll be okay! 
And the best thing?
And the best thing has probably been that we have gotten along better than I thought we were going to :)

4. What is something you've noticed being different about 'Christmas time' in Las Vegas, compared to home?
It's not cold here. I don't even have to use my sweater very often and it's December. It's really weird :) and I'm not used to the "big city" of Christmas. Back in Grantsville, there's like 9,000 people. Here there are like 3 million or something :) 

5. Who has influenced you the most this week?
Probably Elder Tillotson, the Elder who is going home on the 18th. He is really awesome, and since he's been out so long, he knows how to help me improve! I wish he was staying longer! :)

Week 15 - Email from Elder Holt

Hola everyone! :)

This week has been probably the hardest week of my mission so far. So it felt like a long week. But it's over now, and I hope next week will be better. :) We had transfers on Monday, and so that made things pretty stressful. I got assigned to be the senior companion of the two elders I am with, who are Elder Flood and Elder Tillotson. Elder Tillotson goes home on the 18th of this month, a few weeks early. He has been out for 23 months now! It's crazy! But both of them are cool guys! It's been difficult to adjust to a new companionship, as I'm sure it usually will be, but we are working on getting the kinks out of it.  :)

We had a good week though! We visited a lot of people, and so that has been really good! I always feel better when we are out doing the work we have been called to do. When I'm talking with investigators, or even just random people we meet, I can feel the spirit comforting me and helping me along. :) Elder Tillotson has actually served in this ward before, when he was brand new like me! So we spent some time this week trying to find the people that he was working with when he was here! It was pretty cool! :)

We had a few lessons with "D" this week, and he is doing awesome! And we had another lesson with "S".  He says the lessons with us really help him, so that's good!

There's not a whole lot to talk about this week... It's been a little hard trying to get used to this new companionship. But it'll get better, I'm sure :)

I loved watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! It was really good! :) And we also had our ward Christmas Party this week! It was on Friday! It was a lot of fun! We had a group called "the medicine show music company" and they were hilarious! They were three guys, playing a banjo, and a double bass, and a wiz bang, which is a whole bunch of different instruments strapped all together :)

That was pretty much it for this week! I hope you all are doing well! :)

Elder Holt

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily Notes - Week 14

We spent our P-Day today at Bro.'Y's house! Oh man! He has a ginormous house! Goodness gracious! It has four floors, one of which is a full die racquetball court, with a sauna room. And so many other things. It's so nice! :) and so today was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got the opportunity to spend the day there! And we also had a fun day in general! This tri-pan thing is going okay-ish :) it's hard to account for both of our schedules :/ but it's okay! We will get through it! :)

Today we had a great day! We had some awesome contacts with Elder Jones' investigators! It's been fun to be able to be on this tripanionship thing still! We've been able to help out Elder Jones, and he has been really appreciative. We had a busy day today though! I can tell the effect of being a zone leader now. They seriously are so busy all the time. It's kind of nice, but kind of stressful and overwhelming at times too. It's been fun so far though! :) 

I had a good day today! We spent the day finding people on our bishops list of people to visit. But we also taught two lessons, one with "D", and one with "S" :) they were both really good lessons! We talked about the Book of Mormon with "S", and temples, and eternal marriage with "D"! It was really good to be able to teach them again! It seems like we haven't been able to teach them for a while. But I'm excited for tomorrow

Oh, and I also got a call from Pres. Ahlander today, and I'm going to be a senior companion next transfer, which means elder Duce and I will no longer be together :( but I'll find out who I have on Saturday! 

Thanksgiving!!! :) first real holiday on the mission!! It's weird to think I've been out for three months already. But it's good! And we had a super fun day today! We played football from about 8, until 11 :) it was super fun! It got pretty competitive when we played with other missionaries. We played with our ward first, then the missionaries! But elder Duce got injured, and might have to get a surgery :( we spent four hours at the hospital waiting for him. I'm definitely praying for him a lot. Our whole zone is fasting for him tomorrow. We had a great thanksgiving though! It was tons of fun :) 

Today was really good! We had a busy day. Well, sort of. Elder Duce goes crazy when he takes the medication he is on :) hahaha! It's really funny. But we weren't able to work a whole lot because of that. But I went on exchanges with Elder McBride for a few hours, and that was good! Today was fun though! I really hope Elder Duce feels better soon! :) 

Today was a super fun day! We spent the whole day helping out people in the zone, and that was fun! We got transfer calls today too... I'm going to be senior companion, in a tri-companionship... I'm staying in my ward, and so that is good! :) but I'm going to be in a tri-companionship until December 18th, then one of them will leave, before Christmas. Then it will just be me and one other guy again :) the guy who I will be with has been out as long as me, but I never knew him at the MTC. But anyway, I'm really excited to be staying in my ward! Elder Duce is going to the south stake, and he is training again! It's awesome! :) 

Today was great! We had about 8 hours of church again, and so that was good ;) then we went and sat at the musical fireside building for around 2 1/2 hours before it started, because Elder Jones is in it, and we have to stay with him! But it was a super cool fireside. The video the church has released this year for Christmas "A Savior is Born" is such a cool video, and awesome way to share it with friends. It's so easy to just say "hey, this is a really cool video I found about Christmas, and it makes me truly remember what is important" or something like that. I suggest you guys go look up the video on christmas.mormon.org :) it's awesome! :)

Week 14 - Q&A

1. It's Transfer week!  Are you getting transferred?? 
I'm switching companions, Elder Duce is the one transferring though. :/ My new companions will be Elder Flood, who came out with me! And also Elder Tilletsen, who is leaving early and going home halfway through this transfer on the 18th of December. And I am the senior companion!  I am very anxious/nervous about that.  :)

2. Tell us one thing that made your Thanksgiving Special this year.   
Thanksgiving was very special for me, mostly because we had so many people who were so willing to help us out with Elder Duce's injury and stuff. It was super cool to see that so many people were so willing to help out. 

3.  What is one thing that you have noticed being more grateful for, that you haven't before? 
Definitely being in the mission I am. To be able to be somewhere where we have all the things we usually take for granted. Such as, having an apartment, and a regular shower, and iPads. I didn't realize how blessed I am :)

4. What have you liked/dislike about being in a Tripanionship?
I have liked it, because it's honestly a lot easier to stay positive, because usually someone is upbeat and happy, and in a duo, when someone is upset, it rubs off on the other person sometimes. And something that is hard is definitely not staying at our place at ALL. We stayed at elder Jones house the whole time, and only went back to ours to get clean clothes. And that was definitely frustrating because half the time I didn't have what I needed :) 

5. What is one moment from this week, that stands out to you the most?
Elder Duce's change from being completely distraught that he might have to go home for surgery, to his optimism he had about the whole situation. Yeah, he's still upset and nervous, but he has been able to find good that would come from going home. And I need to get better at that :) 

Week 14 - Email from Elder Holt

Hellooooooo :)

This week was completely insane! It flew by so fast. Being a companion with a zone leader this week showed me how little time they have to be a regular missionary sometimes. And then it was even less time this week because we had their investigators, AND ours! It was nuts :) but it was a ton of fun! Elder Jones is such an awesome guy!
We got our transfer calls a few days ago... I'm going to be a senior companion to two other people (yes, another tri-panionship... Still not sure how I feel about it yet ;) ) but I'm looking forward to it
now! I'm very nervous. I don't feel like I can lead out in this area.  Yet.  :) I'll get there. But I'll be getting Elder Flood, and Elder Tillotson. Elder Tillotson is going home early, and going home on
December 18th. He's been out almost two years, and actually started his mission in the Spanish Hills Ward. :) Then Elder Flood came out with me, but I don't know him at all, so I will get to know him this transfer! Haha! Then Elder Duce is leaving, and going to the South Zone. He will do awesome! :)
This week was a ton of fun though! Because we were in this triple companionship with a zone leader, we were spending a lot of time helping out everyone else in the zone. But we did have a few free hours this week to go teach lessons, and go find new people to teach :) and we were covering three wards. It was seriously a crazy week. But it was lots of fun :)
We had the opportunity to teach 'S' again this week, but we really didn't get to teach anyone else because of the craziness. So this week we are going to try and contact those who we didn't get to talk to last week!
I was so grateful for thanksgiving this year. This week as a zone we studied the Atonement, and so that led to me thinking about how grateful I am for the Atonement. I couldn't be more blessed to be born into this amazing church, and to always have had the knowledge that I can be forgiven of everything I do. There are so many others who won't have that knowledge for a huge part of their life, and that drives me to want to share this amazing message with others :) I'm grateful for
our Savior, Jesus Christ's sacrifice. He has literally lived every moment of our lives. He has already performed the sacrifice for each of us, and it's honestly a little selfish not to use the Atonement.
You're saying that you don't need Christ in order to be forgiven of your sins, when He was literally hanging up on the cross, thinking of you personally, and doing it all for you to be able to not have to carry the guilt, and pain of your sins anymore? That thought makes me take everything about the Atonement more seriously. I love my Savior, and I'm so grateful for what He did for me. The least I can do is give him these two years. The thing He did for me is worth so much more :)
That was my week! I had a good one! :) it was awesome! I'm grateful for all that Elder Duce has helped me with, and taught me. I love this Gospel, and I'm eager to go share it with anybody and everybody. :) This church is so true. In every way. I learned something about our testimonies this week. If we have a solid testimony, then the things that happen to us will bother us a lot less. Like when the church made that announcement a few weeks ago, so many people left the church. And
that would not have happened if they had a completely solid testimony, built on the simple truths of this Gospel. I love you all!!! :) I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Oh, just in case any of you are curious, I spent Thanksgiving at the Hospital with Elder Duce, because of his injury ;) and also we went to one persons house in Elder Jones' ward for dinner. Then we came back to Elder Jones' house and watched Hercules, and Mulan :) That was a great night haha! :)
I'll talk to you all soon! Love you guys! Stay happy! :)

Elder Holt :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily Updates - Week 13

We had a great P-Day today! We went to the Summerlin mall, and it was way fun! They have so many cool stores there, but it was all pretty dang expensive haha! Missionary budget doesn't allow for that ;) but it was a really good day! I know I always say it, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity I have to email everyone each week. I'm grateful I have the technology that allows me to do that! :) It's amazing!!

We had Zone Conference today! It was my first one, so I got the opportunity to bear my testimony! I talked about how I felt very unsure about coming on a mission while at home, and when I first got here, but as I've been working, I have gotten much more comfortable here, and now I know that I'm supposed to be here. It was a really good conference though! I learned more about obedience, and humility! Something cool that was said was how we have no idea how many people we will touch as missionaries, until the spirit world. That was cool to think about :) But it was an awesome day! :) 

Pretty fun day today! We went to Goodwill to do service, and that's always so fun ;) it's actually pretty funny because we see the weirdest things there. But it is fun! Then we went out and spent time finding people, but we were only able to talk to a few people, who aren't really interested. But one of the guys we talked to totally gave me a USC Trojans Football, signed by a bunch of the team :) I'm not really a fan of USC, but it was flipping awesome still! Haha! But it was a fun day! :)

We had a great day today! We had a service project, which was good! A family who just moved into our ward is moving back to Utah already :/ but they were a fun family! But we had Additional Zone Training today, and learned more about working with members! We are really trying to focus on working with them more, and getting to know their friends, so we don't just seem like the weird missionaries who ask for people to baptize :) It seems like it will be awesome! 

We had a really cool day today! We spent a the day finding! And we talked to a lot of people, and it was awesome! :) We met like, the first pastor from another church that I've ever met who was actually friendly, and kind instead of totally prideful, and telling us we are going to hell. So that was fun :) and we also got the news that Elder Palmer, our zone leader, went Assistant to the President! :) So we are actually doing a tripanionship with Elder Jones, who is the other zone leader, every day until transfers. :) It's really cool, but it was kind of sad. I loved Elder Palmer and now we probably won't get to see him too much anymore. :/ 

Today was so insane. Because Elder Palmer left, we have been in a tripanionship all day, and so I had about 8 hours at the church today :) because they cover two wards. And so, that was fun ;) But we also got to go to the Zion's Youth Symphony tonight!!!! Oh my goodness. It was so good. They had Gentri, a trio come sing also. Holy moly. It was just so awesome. You guys should look up Gentri :) they're so good :) and so spiritual. It's amazing :) but it was a great day! :)

Week 13 - Q&A

1.  What is something you have been grateful for this week?
I have been very grateful for our zone leaders, because they have been dealing with tons of crap in our zone, and they have stayed so positive and happy, and helped us with anything we needed. It was seriously amazing how they stayed so positive :) they're awesome. 

2. What is the strangest thing you saw or did this week?
Umm, at goodwill, you see the most strange things. I saw some plates and mugs, that had some very inappropriate things. Yeah... That's all I'm gonna say about that...

3. What scripture has stood out to you the most this week?
D&C 61:36-39  it's very comforting :) 

4. Tell us one reason you are grateful to be serving where you are?
 I'm so grateful to be here, because I have met the people who I have. I wouldn't have met Elder Duce, or my zone leaders. And they really help me a lot! It definitely strengthens my testimony that Pres. Ahlander is called of God, and that we as missionaries are sent to the places we really need to be.

5. Where & With Who will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner this week?
Honestly, I'm not too sure how it's going to be working out, because we are in this weird Tripanionship. I have no idea :) haha! I'll let you know next week ;) I just know it will be awesome, because on thanksgiving, it's a non Proselyting day, so we are basically having another P-Day, but we still can't email until Monday :) 


Here are some pics of our PDay fun!  :)

Sitting in a Ferrari at Bro. Yamgata's house on PDay.   Not too shabby.  ;)

There are no words.  Ha!

My District on a hike on Pday. 

Our hike was awesome!  The waterfalls were so cool!

We hiked up high enough, that we were actually 'in' the clouds.  It was awesome!

This is a note that one of our appointments left us.  I thought it was nice.  :)

Week 13 - Email from Elder Holt

Hey everyone!! :)

We had a great week this week! We had my very first zone conference, and that was super cool! I loved all the trainings we got, but my favorite point that was brought up was when we talked about the atonement a lot, and why we need to understand it better, in order to be better missionaries :)

We have been able to find a lot more people to teach!!!! Finally!!! :D We have met so many people! But none of them have followed through with an appointment yet, so that is kind of disappointing. But we will keep trying :) someone has gotta be excited to learn about the gospel. I mean, it's so amazing. Everyone should know ;)

But we had a pretty confusing week. Elder Palmer, one of our zone leaders got called to be an AP, or assistant to President Ahlander, so our other zone leader was left without a companion. So Elder Duce and I have been with him since that happened :) and we had 8 hours of church yesterday because of that too, which is good! It was cool to be able to think about the sacrament a more than once yesterday.  It helped me realize the importance of it. It's so awesome how we have the opportunity to be forgiven each week. It's really important to me, a lot more important than it used to be. So that's good! I'm grateful for the gospel :) I know it's true. 

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! We all can be a bit more grateful. I'm going to try really hard to focus on being more grateful!

I love you all! :) have a great week!!! :)

Elder Holt :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 12 - PICTURES!

We re-created 'The Best Two Years' movie poster.  Haha!  That is Elder McBride, Elder Duce, Elder Fuller, and Me!

Only in.....Las Vegas?  Haha!  We passed a lot of wild donkeys on our PDay trip this week.  Many quotes from Shrek were shared.  ;)

Infinite wisdom from this fortune cookie.   What the what?   

Us with Bro. O'Connell.  He is a recent convert, who took us to Golden Corral after our Temple trip last week.  Awesome guy!